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pacifica natural beauty ethereal

The natural beauty and unparalleled serenity of Pacifica has beckoned Pacifica's ethereal beauty is enhanced by its Mediterranean style weather. Jul 18, - Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow by PACIFICA BEAUTY was Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow will either receive the shade Ethereal or. Blush: Manna Kadar Beauty Paradise Blush and Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Dream Shadow Super Bass and Pacifica Natural Beauty Ethereal. DARK NEXUS ETHEREAL

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While you'll still find some harsh chemicals in Pacifica's nail polishes, they're a lot better than your typical drugstore nail polish. A more eco-friendly alternative would be fully recyclable materials like glass, paper, or plastic that can be recycled in municipal recycling programs. However, the brand offers a recycling program where customers can return up to eight products at a time back to the company with a prepaid shipping label.

Customers must provide their own packaging which makes for a great way to reuse old Amazon shipping boxes, for example. When your empties arrive, they're sorted and reused, finding their way into razors and toothbrushes by Preserve.

Such products are sold directly on the brand's website, where you can purchase them, completing the circular economy. As a bonus, users will also get Pacifica loyalty points for using the program, which can be in turn used for discounts on new beauty products. Brand Ratings Our rating scale ranges from "Best" for having the best practices to "Bad" for having unacceptable practices.

We rated Pacifica as follows. Ingredients Good - While most products have clean ingredients, the use of chemical sunscreens in some is disappointing. Sustainability Iffy - While the brand offers a recycling program, plastic packaging is used for all products. However, since the brand uses only plastic packaging, it could still improve by using more eco-friendly materials like glass or bioplastics. We're disappointed that a handful of Pacifica products contain chemical sunscreen ingredients.

We hope that the brand will phase these ingredients or products out of their lineup, because they're contributing to killing our coral reefs and damaging the ocean ecosystem. While they aren't a perfect brand—not everyone is going to take the time to mail back empty bottles—a large and popular brand making steps toward sustainability, cruelty-free practices and clean ingredients is always a great thing.

My skin overall looks better and more firm. I really like the texture. I like natural products so this is great. It really is an amazing product! Jen M. Ohio July 22 I love this product! The packaging and design is really nice. The texture is a thick consistency but once you put it on it feels very light. I feel a slight tingle after applying it, I love that because you know it's working! My skin feels so smooth and soft after using this and my skin continues to look better and better the more I use it.

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My Pacifica Fragrance Collection :: Affordable Vegan \u0026 Cruelty Free Perfume - Beauty Meow

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