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asrock pro btc 13

Specifications of Asrock H PRO BTC+ Motherboard (Crypto Mining) LGA Intel. 13PCI-E BTC For ASRock H PRO BTC+ Used Motherboard DDR4 SATA3, 1 M.2 (SATA3) DVI Video Output Supports 13 Graphics Cards. US $ Asrock H Pro BTC+ 13 Slotlu. Secondhand and New Products / Computers / Desktops / Desktop Components / Wholesale Lots. 3 CARD BRAG BETTING RULES IN TEXAS

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How to Build a 13 GPU Mining Rig: ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ rx580 p106 Ethereum Zcash

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Overall Review: I am currently using three of these with zero problems. Cheap for as many cards as you can run with it. Comes with above 4g decoding enabled out of the box. Cons: Having to have 2 molex and 1 sata for supplementary power seems like overkill when each riser is powered anyways. But hey, I'm not an electrical engineer, maybe they are needed.

Overall Review: I highly recommend this motherboard for anyone who wants to run 13 gpus. Keep in mind though if you are using windows that you can only use 8 of nvidia OR amd, then the other 5 have to be the other. I use it with pcie multipliers for 19 cards each. The built in power buttons are such a blessing! Has a built in power button on Mobo. No changes needed to be made to the bios for mining. USB 2 and 3. Also, I like the PCIe power connectors on mobo. Manufacture website has really good info to help setup for mining.

Cons: wish onboard video was vga so can use old monitors because its just a miner. Also, the bios navigation is a little different. It took me a few minutes for figure out how to navigate and set AC Power to always turn on when power applied.

Overall Review: Some others say the PCIe are to close but the riser board with usb cable keeps them separated without issue. If you happen to get USB cables that are smaller like the batch I just got, the boards can touch in the slots but the only part that is touching is the grounding pins to the shield of the USB connector which is also ground.

So, still not an issue. If want, wrap the small riser board with black electrical tape. All slots work without issues. Lots of people have said the boards have issues but I just think most people don't know how to handle the boards and are killing them with static shock from not using the proper grounding strap when handling. I have been in the computer business for over 25years and you always need to ground yourself before handling computer components. A lot of value.

There was a bad riser, and a bad USB connector, but nothing major. Make sure your video cards will work with a 6 pin PCI connector. I got it up and running with four amd cards and it's burned in well. I was intrigued by the little motherboard plug in module that allows it all to run on the 12v supply.

I suspect it may not be robust enough to run more than four risers. Although, I saved hundreds of dollars by using the hp supply and breakout board, compared to my usual power supply. To get into serious Ethereum mining you need to have the 6 GPU's and the cheaper you can buy the mother board the better for your business.

Get as many as you can and get building!

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ASRock Q270 Pro BTC+ Motherboard, Running 13 GPUS, Server PSU's

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