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whats a prop bet

A prop bet is basically a wager on a game not directly tied to the actual outcome of the contest. There are props that have to do with a game as a whole, as. Proposition bets, widely known as props, are wagers on aspects of sporting events beyond the traditional full-game moneyline, point spread, and total. A prop bet or proposition bet is a wager on an individual player or specific event in a game/match that is not directly connected to the outcome of a game. EMPIRE DOG BETTING FOR DUMMIES

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Whats a prop bet how to buy and sell bitcoin reddit whats a prop bet

The bettors will often go to props to bet on specific events, not exactly the game per se.

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Whats a prop bet nba spread betting

What Are Prop Bets? - How To Make A Sports Prop Bet - Sports Betting 101

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