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best way to sell bitcoin australia

If you are a retail client, you can use exchanges like CoinSpot, Coinbase, Independent Reserve, and BTC markets to sell Bitcoin. Some of these provide secure. 1. Swyftx Swyftx is our top-rated exchange to sell Bitcoin into AUD or another cryptocurrency. The exchange is a reputable and trustworthy. How to sell Bitcoin in Australia with Easy Crypto AU? · Confirmation via e-Mail. Wait until we confirm via email that we have been able to verify. WHY IS LITECOIN SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN BITCOIN

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Best way to sell bitcoin australia ethereum api python best way to sell bitcoin australia

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Best way to sell bitcoin australia mig bank forex review

Selling Your Cryptocurrency For CASH - 4 Methods


Simply follow on from the windows presented in Step 7 and enter the amount of AUD to withdraw. Funds should be seen in your bank account one day following confirmation of the withdrawal transaction. Swyftx Swyftx is a popular cryptocurrency exchange amongst Australian investors and traders due to its user-friendly interface and features that suit the Australian market. Despite being relatively young, Swyftx has managed to quickly capture the Australian audience with its range of crypto products and services that are designed to service beginners, novices, and enthusiasts.

With its low trading fee of 0. The trading experience on Swyftx is simple enough for beginners to understand thanks to the recent re-design of its interface that makes it more visually intuitive than previously. In fact, we find the overall experience to be quite enjoyable as it is much more flexible than older platforms but not confusing like global crypto exchanges.

For a detailed understanding of Swyftx and its features, you can read our review on Swyftx. The company has accumulated over 2. Despite that, CoinSpot is widely known to be a highly secure and reputable place to trade Bitcoin. For a detailed understanding of CoinSpot and its features, you can read our review on CoinSpot.

Digital Surge Founded in , Digital Surge is a relatively young cryptocurrency brokerage platform that offers Australians with a cheap and simple gateway to obtaining cryptocurrencies. The platform is so well designed that people with no experience with cryptocurrencies should be able to quickly buy popular altcoins and stablecoins. Other attractive features include its very competitive trading fee of 0.

Selling Bitcoin on Digital Surge is highly streamlined which is not surprising given its beginner-friendly interface. Withdrawing AUD funds from your Digital Surge wallet carries no fees, which is consistent with most Australian crypto platforms. For a detailed understanding of Digital Surge and how it works, you can read our review on Digital Surge. Independent Reserve One of the longest-serving cryptocurrency platforms to trade Bitcoin and other assets, Independent Reserve has managed to establish itself as a reputable Australian company.

When it comes to trading Bitcoin for AUD and then withdrawing your funds, Independent Reserve is a lot like Digital Surge and Swyftx, with the exception of a modern interface. Despite having an outdated interface, it does not mean that the trading experience on independent Reserve is inferior. Navigating through the interface and finding account management features such as withdrawals and linking a bank account is still easy to do.

For a detailed understanding of the platform works, you can read our Independent Reserve review. FTX Australia Built for the experienced investor and trader, FTX Australia is a world-class cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of advanced products and financial services. Being one of the best margin trading exchanges in Australia , FTX offers advanced trading markets including margin, leveraged tokens, options, MOVE contracts, and futures on top of spot trading.

Its features are not limited to markets, as the popular exchange also provides cutting-edge blockchain-based services such as a marketplace to buy and trade NFTs , and an earning hub where you can receive interest payments on your crypto. Maker and taker fees start at 0.

Sell Bitcoin on a crypto exchange Cryptocurrency exchanges as well as brokerage platforms provide you with all the tools that you need to safely and efficiently sell Bitcoin to Australian Dollars. All are highly regulated by government requirements, implement robust security protocols, support AUD and BTC as a trading pair, and support the withdrawal of AUD to an Australian bank account.

One of the disadvantages of selling BTC on an exchange is that you need to verify your identity and therefore cannot liquidate your BTC anonymously. The other things to note is the fees and charges to trade Bitcoin and withdraw AUD funds from your wallet. FTX and Binance Australia are probably the cheapest options, however, their advanced interfaces are not suited for beginners. Zero fees to transfer AUD to your nominated bank account are generally commonplace in the Australian crypto industry.

So, if you find a platform where withdrawal fees will be incurred then you should consider alternatives. Exchanges are also good places to store your Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Depending on the crypto platform you choose, you can even earn interest payments on your Bitcoin.

Selling Bitcoin on a P2P marketplace A Peer-to-Peer P2P marketplace is a virtual place where you can trade Bitcoin directly with other users without an intermediary third party facilitating the exchange. Some P2P marketplaces are hosted by cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin and Bybit , however, do not participate in trading activities. On the other hand, some P2P exchanges like Elbaite operate independently in Australia and perform the same service. For more information, read our full review on Elbaite.

P2P marketplaces essentially work as their namesake suggests. Sellers can advertise their Bitcoin and provide buyers with a price and a number of payment methods for the transaction. To ensure that you and the other party receive your ends of the trade, P2P marketplaces often use an escrow service to temporarily hold the Bitcoin until payment is confirmed.

Despite this, you will still need an internet connection on a laptop or mobile device to transfer Bitcoin on the blockchain. Whilst the advantage is the lack of trading fees, the downsides include the level of trust between the parties and overall transaction speeds which might be slow.

Spend it on a crypto debit card CoinJar and Crypto. Crypto exchanges that offer these services usually allow you to manage the Bitcoin card entirely from the mobile device, including topping up funds and withdrawing AUD to a bank. Most Bitcoin debit cards work by automatically converting your Bitcoin into AUD at the time the transaction takes place. There are several advantages to using Bitcoin ATMs that make them attractive selling options. The first one is all about convenience.

Use Bitcoin to pay your bills Paying your bills with Bitcoin is a great way of liquidating Bitcoin. Here is how you can sell the crypto coin at a local exchange: Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. Select the local currency. Choose your preferred withdrawal payment method. Can I withdraw AUD from crypto exchanges? Yes, you can withdraw the fiat currency from some crypto exchanges.

All local crypto exchanges offer an option for the same while international exchanges like Binance and eToro offer support for AUD withdrawals. While all of these ATMs offer the ability to buy Bitcoin, not all offer the option to sell the crypto asset. It is quite easy to operate an ATM. As soon as you do this, you will receive cash.

Pros You do not have to register anywhere. This allows for anonymity. You will receive cash instantly. They offer more security than online exchanges. Unless you are in Melbourne where there are over 20 kiosks, you are likely to have a hard time traveling to an ATM near you.

ATMs charge higher trading fees than most online exchanges. Not all kiosks offer the ability to both buy and sell digital currencies. Peer-to-peer P2P networks P2P networks allow you to directly sell crypto tokens to another user without the involvement of a third-party.

Binance is a good P2P trading platform. This type of trade is also referred to as over-the-counter OTC. Here is how the system works — once a user requests to buy the crypto token from you, he will transfer funds to your preferred payment account. As soon as you receive the amount, you can go ahead and release the locked Bitcoin to him.

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How to Buy And Sell Bitcoin in Australia Beginner Friendly

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