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places from between shades of gray map

Roncalli [Freshmen] English 9 (O'Reilly, S2): "Between Shades of Gray" Chapters 44 - 50 She has to draw the Map of Siberia and a man's face. A map of Siberia was placed to my upper left and a photograph of a family to my I stared at the cities on the map, trying to commit them to memory so I. between shades of gray. By bb Timeline. List. Period: Jun 1, to Jun 30, Lina takes a job drawing a map for the soviets. Advertisements. CRYPTOCURRENCY DIFFICULTY LEVEL

What about the other colors? Tan, beige, etc. November 4, at am Charlie Vogt says: In KS, beige is shortgrass prairie and green is tallgrass prairie. Are they marine parks, private areas or what?? November 28, at am Stan Power says: Reply Google color scheme is only slightly helpful. What would really help is colors or shading representing area characteristics like: retail, offices, dense tall buildings, blighted neighborhoods, farmland, low-density outlying housing.

You can see with their existing colors what if an area is urban AND very green? Or countryside but trashy? What I need is a map that offers better clues as to where to go and where to avoid. March 2, at am Mike says: When i view maps on satelite i find very rarely a green shaded rectangle. What does that mean? May 17, at am Steve Johnson says: Satellite view is for displaying photographic imagery.

Some groups are sold but they are not. Share The prisoners are now able to send letters, the people who signed had access to the nearby village. Share Jonas gets scurvy, Andruis brings tomatoes for him. He survives. Share The prisoners gather in the bald man's shack for christmas, however he is later revealed to be jewish. Share Lina is asked to draw the commander. Once he leaves she grabs her file She finds out that Kostas her father is in Krasnoyarsk prison She asks Andrius to return the file Share Lina's family and some other people are moved to another camp in the north pole.

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places from between shades of gray map

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At first, Lina can do nothing but hate the Soviets. The book is also the coming-of-age story of a young girl, which, not surprisingly, means she falls in love. After her death, Lina encounters a drunken Kretzsky, who tells her about his own dead mother and how much he hates himself, and Lina is finally able to feel compassion for him. The book ends with an Epilogue that tells us that Lina survived for ten more years in Siberia, as did her brother and Andrius.

She returns to Lithuania, marries Andrius, and buries her writings and drawings about her time in Siberia so that one day, when they can no longer be endangered by it, the truth will come out and the world will know what happened to so many innocent people. Unlock this Study Guide! He doesn't seem to want to hurt Lina unless he absolutely has to. He is described as young, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed, and can be assumed to be quite handsome.

Their relationship grows and remains important throughout the book. Andrius Arvydas is handsome, golden-brown haired, and a source of comfort for Lina. At first, she dislikes him, dismissing him as an "idiot" because he smoked her book, which was a present from her dead grandmother. It turns out his mother was being unwillingly used as a prostitute because of her beauty, but only to protect her son. Andrius becomes Lina's more-or-less boyfriend and gives Lina a new book.

Lina and her family are then separated from Andrius when they are transported to a different camp across the Arctic Circle. There, they are forced to build their own shelter to survive. But then Lina's mother dies. Just when Lina doubts she will survive, a man who is a doctor, as well as an inspector of the work camps, shows up and gives everyone blankets and food. The doctor takes them home.

After another long trip, Lina finds Andrius, and they get married. Characters[ edit ] Lina Vilkas: the story's year-old protagonist, taken in the beginning with her mother and brother to a labour camp. She's a brave and determined girl, described as very similar to her mother. Jonas Vilkas: Lina's year-old brother.

He is a major character, beloved by all, including the sour Mr. His sweet and innocent personality is evident throughout the book, although Lina is frightened by the emotional changes he experiences over the course of their ordeal. Elena Vilkas: Lina and Jonas' mother. A loving woman, kind and generous with her gestures and food, who perishes from grief and her attempts to save her children by giving them her rations.

She also teaches her children that it is important to do what is right, not what is easy. When she was alive she was described as a beautiful woman, with blond hair and blue eyes. Kostas Vilkas: Lina and Jonas' father, who is separated from his family and shipped to a prison called Krasnoyarsk. Nikolai Kretzsky and Ivanov claimed Kostas was dead, but whether or not they are telling the truth is unknown. Much of the book revolves around Lina's desperate attempts to locate and contact her father.

Andrius Arvydas: A handsome year-old boy, whom Lina and her family meet on the train to the labour camps. He falls in love with Lina in exile, often sneaks food and supplies to the Vilkas family, and saves them a number of times with his knowledge of the happenings of the NKVD.

He and Lina are said to be married in the epilogue. Arvydas: Andrius' beautiful and dainty mother.

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