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thomas bettinger bergedorf stamp


Because the postal requirements of Bergedorf were small an larger mail, users brought their mail to the post office to be handstamped, not postally franked, and therefore used stamps of Bergdorg and especially covers are very rare.

Bergedorf cancels are a series of black lines that are easy to forge. Reprints and counterfeits of the stamps of Bergedorf are pervasive and make collecting the country less fun than it could be. Specialized Catalogs: The Scott catalog and the Scott Classic catalog are very good for Bergedorf, and both include a lengthy section on how to distinguish the genuine stamps from the reprints but not the counterfeits, of which there are many.

Collectors will note how much more used stamps catalog than mint which makes expertization of used stamps crucial. The Michel German Specialized catalog for all of the German area is the gold standard, but for Bergedorf, Michel is not much better than Scott.

Specialized Albums: Bergedorf has only five stamps and takes up just one page in all the various German states albums that are published. Most collectors who collect only Bergedorf make their own album page or print one from an online source rather than purchase an entire album.

Availability of Material: Bergedorf is harder to find than one would suppose considering how common the stamps are. When a country has the plethora of forgeries and reprints that haunts Bergedorf, collectors and dealers are wary and tend to stay away. For details on how to identify the originals, reprints, and cancellation types, please refer to the major specialized catalogs and to the Serrane Guide.

It can be safely assumed, with any off-cover, non-certified, used Bergedorf stamp anyone should encounter today, that the cancellation is probably FAKE! In , Bergedorf, along with Hamburg, became part of the North German Confederation, and their postal service was replaced by that of the North German Postal District. They may enable visitors to shop for and to buy specific items for the particular collecting subject they've just read about.

The affiliated eBay seller auction lots provided by eBay, Inc. On high priced material, make sure the lots you are buying are properly authenticated. Shipping charges may be more, and the lots may take longer to arrive. Also, make sure the foreign seller ships to your country, before bidding on or buying his lot.

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Ep. 66: Cheap and Free Print and Digital Alternatives to the Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue

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