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fleet location. Activities. How much electricity will you need to charge the new EVs? Estimating electricity need is important when deciding the best. Workplaces are the second most likely location for EV owners to charge. themselves through greater awareness and access OpConnect. Networked. Dexter Turner, OpConnect represent, in most cases, somewhat more difficult places I brought three quotes from OEMs and then. SPIFF BETTING SITES

By participating, cities and towns will reduce the time investment needed to purchase clean vehicle technologies and get the best prices from vendors by buying in bulk. Eligible public entities include: municipality, state agency, independent public authority, quasi-public agency, public library, public school or higher education institution, public hospital, public purchasing cooperative, or a non-profit certified organization working with the state of Massachusetts.

This Program is also open to public entities outside of the state of Massachusetts. Fleets for the Future F4F is a two year grant project, funded by the U. Department of Energy, that aims to support and accelerate the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles by reducing their incremental costs and building fleet capacity to plan procurements.

Learn more about national procurement opportunities available through F4F here. MAPC awarded low bid to two vendors on August 27, The awarded vendors' pricing will be held for the eight participating communities until March 31, The map lays out—not necessarily to scale, and in the format of a subway or public transportation map—the network of charge points in a colorful, easy-to-understand way.

The West Coast Electric Highway is essentially a network of chargers along many highways, rather than a single route I-5 is essentially its backbone, however. Most of the charge points are spaced 20 to 30 miles apart, which should give multiple options for general convenience or if a charger is temporarily out of service. But a few stretches between chargers go 50 or 60 miles and could require some careful, efficiency-minded driving with some of the electric cars on the market.

So can driving style, or even strong winds. Green Car Reports This Electric Highway is part of the West Coast Green Highway, a broader effort organized by the Washington State Department of Transportation, including natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, and hydrogen options along the 1, miles of I-5 spanning from the U.

Be sure to multiply those maximums by 80 percent for portions that you drive after fast-charging; and keep in mind that highway-speed driving will likely return a lower usable range.

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He is an entrepreneurial leader recognized for developing extensive alliances in non-profit, for-profit, utility and government. Alan will be responsible for onboarding customers for our Enterprise platform. Jarold has worked with Dexter since first joining his earlier start-up, Optimization Technologies, in Jarold holds a B.

Advisors Mark Boyd Mark has years of experience selling technology to the automotive industry and deep connections within automobile OEMs. He is a co-founder of CARgigi and Chrome Data, both of which were startups that achieved successful exits. Mark is currently the chief revenue officer for LotLinx, an auto dealer management PaaS. We help electric utilities harness and maximize the benefits of EVs as distributed energy resources on electric grids. We are in a time where technological changes are happening at breakneck pace.

We are continually evolving our software platform and services offering into one that integrates seamlessly with energy management tools to better manage the delivery of energy to EVs. As electrification is moving into light-medium duty fleets and transit buses, we are evolving our EV fueling management software platform to serve the growing number of segments in transportation electrification.

Your mobile app has reserved a charging station for you, and predicted how long you need to plug in to get the charge you need to complete your day. As you approach your location, your EV drives itself to the charger that has been reserved for you, and asks you to accept the charges.

Your car parks itself over the wireless charging pad, you accept the charges, and pop over to the coffee shop across the street to grab a coffee before your meeting. At the end of the month, all of their EV charging and energy sales show up on your regular electric bill.

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