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green spaces better places to go

Paying attention · Urban greening · MORE FROM NEW SCIENTIST · Vaccines that prolong the immune response may give better protection · First 3D. Cities with more green spaces can stay cooler in hot weather and provide fairer lives for their residents, experts say. Greener Places is a design framework for urban green infrastructure. It seeks to capture our collective aspiration and expectations in planning, designing and. ARAB FOREX FORUM

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How can green spaces create healthier cities \u0026 improve mental health? - With Mark Nieuwenhuijsen green spaces better places to go

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In their work, the researchers used a vegetation index to measure the density of greenery in locales. Using their scale, barren areas composed of rocks or sand would score closer to a zero, while an area like a lush tropical rainforest would score closer to one. The researchers found that the higher the vegetation index, the lower the rate of premature death. But not all green spaces will do the trick. Additionally, attractive public green spaces help spur socially connected neighborhoods — which enhances psychological health through positive social interactions and a sense of community.

Other research, however, suggests that there is something inherent about green spaces themselves that are good for us. According to the attention restoration theory , our daily lives are often cognitively draining and this can result in poorer moods.

But the stimuli nature provides creates a restorative environment that relieves attention fatigue. Increased urban vegetation also helps to negate something called the heat island effect. Daytime temperatures in urban areas are about degrees Fahrenheit higher than temperatures in outlying areas and nighttime temperatures are about degrees higher.

Experts say these conditions are detrimental to health because they amplify pre-existing conditions and contribute to heat-related deaths and illnesses, such as respiratory difficulties and heat stroke. But more green areas in cities can curb the heat island effect by reducing surface and air temperatures — in addition to sucking harmful smog and pollution from the air.

And while these are troubling statistics — sometimes adding green spaces in neighborhoods can backfire. Green spaces are in demand, just like any other desirable neighborhood amenity. Adding new green spaces in neighborhoods that previously lacked them can increase rents and displace lower-income residents who may have lived in these communities for decades.

Who can get involved with Greener Spaces Better Places? Our network is diverse, passionate and dedicated. We are always keen to hear from individuals and organisations across a range of sectors including government agencies, landscape architecture and place-making, horticulturists, community members, and not-for-profit organisations, academics, developers, peak bodies and passionate urban greening enthusiasts.

What is the benefit of being part of Greener Spaces Better Places? By joining Greener Spaces Better Places, we can showcase your work to the world, inspiring more green spaces, funding and support. Your partnership will give you access to an impressive research library, a network of professionals and potential media and profiling opportunities. What does your advocate program involve? Green Spaces Better Places partners with urban greening and industry professionals to drive local, state and national conversations with media and the network.

We partner with experts to share and promote urban greening initiatives that are linked to new research or projects that have had a positive impact on the wider community. Who are your advocates? The Greener Space Better Places advocates embody a commitment to improving the way green spaces are valued - this could be through research, one-off projects or large-scale ones. The full list of advocates can be accessed here. Who are your partners? We have over partners who consist of individuals, organisations, and businesses working towards creating more and better urban green space in Australia.

The full list of partners can be accessed here. There's a range of ways to get involved. Join our Living Network newsletter here to receive monthly updates straight to your inbox. Become an advocate and help us spread the word about the benefits of urban green space. If you consider yourself an urban greening expert, we would love to hear from you. Email hello greenerspacesbetterplaces. Greener Spaces Better Places has a dedicated media team. For all enquires call 02 or email hello greenerspacesbetterplaces.

To help promote green space research and projects, funding is available from The Green Cities Fund. The Fund seeks to identify and reveal the trends for green infrastructure in cities, and to identify opportunities for more green life through world-class research in the horticultural sector. So where did Vision go? We see both big challenges and big opportunities for urban greening. What won't be changing is our commitment to working towards more and better green spaces across the country.

The aspiration of Vision has generated a vast amount of activity in terms of research, advocacy, awareness, policy and actual plants in the ground.

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How can green spaces create healthier cities \u0026 improve mental health? - With Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

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