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breeding combo for ethereal

Even though double element ethereals can be used to breed with the breeding structure on Ethereal Island, there are no triple and quad element ethereals in. Ethereal Monsters, unlike Natural Monsters, are very difficult to breed. They also have their own island where they can produce shards, which. All you need to do is get the needed monster to level 15 and then you can teleport them to the island. There you can breed them to make new. UDINESE NAPOLI BETTING EXPERT TIPS

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breeding combo for ethereal

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Breeding an ETHEREAL Monster! (My Singing Monsters)


You cannot get Elysian from breeding Divine and Ebony together, as these factor bases are on the same factor side. One neat thing about combo bases is that if you breed a combo base to itself e. In addition to this, you can breed a combo base to any of its factors on either side, and you'll have a chance at producing that same combo base!

Using Elysian again as an example, this means that breeding an Elysian lion to an Ice lion Ice being Elysian's "Factor A" base can produce Elysian cubs. That being said, you cannot produce Elysian cubs if you are breeding an Elysian lion to any base other than Elysian, Ice, Divine, or Ebony. Breeding Elysian to any base that is not a factor for Elysian will only produce cubs that can genetically pass down from either parent, which you can see a better visual guide for within the Base Outcome Viewer tool.

You do not receive a combo base buff for breeding Combo x Combo; along the same lines, you do not have less of a chance to produce a combo when breeding Factor A x Factor B. For example, Ebony x Ivory can produce the Soul base.

Below, we have included handy charts which will show you what bases are required to breed together in order to receive those ever-elusive combo bases! My singing monsters breeding guide cold island from haisgroup. Now you can buy a wubbox on ethereal island for , shards. Quarrister and reedling can breed the humbug monster. Ethereal monsters can breed with each other, however, unlike natural monsters, breeding using ethereal monsters regardless of combination can potentially gain breeding failures.

This page is a quick reference for breeding new monsters! Discover and save! The cost to upgrade your breeding structure is 25 diamonds per island. In ethereal island, the main difference in breeding mechanics between this island and the natural islands is that ethereal monsters can now breed with each other, including those with rare monster modifiers.

It does not include the sounds of other monster types such. This is the category page for ethereal monsters. Shellbeat and scups can breed the jeeode monster. Monster legends breeding uncommon monsters kenny leng. Download the images below to your phone so they're easy to reference. We have no ethereal monsters at disposal in the market. Original song includes castle producing bass sound. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

Quarrister and thumpies can breed the humbug monster. Image - Fuzer-content. How do i breed new monsters on mysingingmonsters? This is the sound of sox on ethereal island. Riff and pompom can breed the reebro monster.

Official breeding guide for ethereal island my singing monsters how to breed the ethereal monsters on my singing monsters. Breeding every monster has there own breeding recipe? Ethereal my singing monsters breed combo. My singing monsters shugabush breeding guide. Monsters on ethereal island arackulele boodoo ghazt grumpyre humbug jeeode kazilleon nebulob reebro sox whisp bellowfish dragong jellbilly fung pray.

View my guide on my website to see what wublins require. Faerie island is a magical island in my singing monsters inhabited by faerie monsters. Ethereal monsters possess special elements: This is the category page for ethereal monsters.

Breeding combo for ethereal difference between placement and floorplanning

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