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Verte S.A. produces and sells paper and cardboard products in Poland. It offers greeting and other cards, school supplies, gift bags and boxes, invitations. Vertcoin is not funded nor controlled by any entity, it is simply an open source GPU Bitcoin variant that mirrors BTC development. I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Mrs. Olivia Carlos for your forex/bitcoin investments. You can contact her via. CHRIS CRYPTO

The company has its biggest operations in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda, and supports payments to at least 85 countries including the United States. The startup has traded over half a billion dollars already, and will be making big moves in They make it easy for anyone to create a social impact app, spreading goodwill across the globe. Golem Golem is distributed supercomputer that allows anyone to tap into the power of a global network of computers, from individual laptops to entire data centers.

That means anyone can take on huge projects, like simulating a neural network or sequence DNA, by using shared computer power to process tasks 12x faster. The company really walks the walk. Mediachain , a blockchain for the music industry, is tackling the problem by using smart contracts to get musicians paid — on time, and in full. Smart contracts are blockchain enabled contracts across industries that enforce themselves in real time. As the name suggests, mediachain is applicable beyond music, and aims to create more authentic connections between audiences and creators of all kinds.

Follow Project Verte for more updates on the world of tech and e-commerce innovation! Written by The Verte Team We simplify the supply chain by increasing visibility for the entire product journey. Fewer Costs Traditional e-commerce payments go through a financial model via credit cards or debit cards, which unfortunately include high transactional fees, fraud, and delayed payments. There is an increase in e-commerce chargebacks due to various conditions, invalid credit cards, and purchases with stolen cards.

However, crypto payments have minimal processing fees and a reduction in chargebacks due to real-time, fast, secure, accurate, immutable distributed data for validation and confirmation. Disadvantages of Incorporating Cryptocurrency As with any innovation, there are some disadvantages to using cryptocurrency that brands and retailers may want to consider before they decide to add it as a payment option.

No Steady Value Cryptocurrency value changes from one moment to the next, sometimes by thousands of dollars within a few hours. This rapid fluctuation could mean that a customer buys a product with a fair price using cryptocurrency one minute, but if the value takes a dive, brands and retailers may lose money. Confusing Regulations Because cryptocurrency is such a new frontier, rules regarding taxes and fees may be complicated and differ from territory to territory.

This lack of uniformity may create even more confusion when filing a US tax return, for example, since the IRS now expects businesses to disclose whether they use cryptocurrency. Therefore, brands and retailers should consider their target audience. If they sell products that are geared more towards older, less tech-savvy consumers, then it may not be an intelligent business move to spend the time incorporating cryptocurrency into their organization.

However, if a brand or retailer targets technologically adept Gen-Z or millennial shoppers, it might be worth investing in this new form of payment option. As the e-commerce landscape continues to grow and change, cryptocurrency is destined to become a more popular form of payment, with , transactions per day in But as more and more netizens utilize crypto, it is key for every brand and retailer to stay in the know about this type of currency and blockchain in general.

Written by Flora Collins Flora Collins is a prize-winning writer and published author. As content manager, she is responsible for the development and creation of content for Verte blogs, case studies, ebooks, social media, and more.

Flora aligns her strong communication and organizational skills to help deliver meaningful content and thought leadership to Verte prospects and customers.

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