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74hc14 investing hex schmitt trigger oscillator

In electronics, a Schmitt trigger is a comparator circuit with hysteresis implemented by applying positive feedback to the noninverting input of a. The pulse frequency is set by a schmitt trigger oscillator composed of a feedback resistance (2k pot and k fixed resistor). a pf capacitor to ground. The 74HC14 provides provides six independent Schmitt trigger input inverters with standard push-pull outputs. The device is designed for operation with a. BTC HASH VS BCHSV

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Like many components in the original 74xxxx series of specialty logic from Fairchild, vendor-specific variants have their own datasheets, and designers should not assume all operational specifications are the same across datasheets. With this in mind, there are some points in a 74HC14 datasheet that are common to many variants, particularly those with DIP packages or equivalent SMD packages.

Common Electrical Specifications All 74HC14 components contain 6 Schmitt trigger inverter circuits with some common electrical specifications. Supply voltage 2. The values above and most 74HC14 datasheets give a value at 50 pF, but common values for load capacitance can be as low as 1 to 10 pF for modern logic circuits.

The dimensions for each pinout are not perfectly interchangeable, but they do follow standard hole and land patterns for through-hole and SMD components , respectively. The common pinout for 74HC14 components and the logic diagram for each inverter are shown below.

One should note that other components in the 74HC logic family are designed to have compatible pinout with the 74LS logic family , and components in each logic family can be easily swapped in a physical layout.

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