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mauritius turf club betting tips

Our system can predict an average of winners per race meeting which is higher the average score () for the best professional tipster in Mauritius. The. The Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) no longer intends to deal with the Mauritius Turf Club. Bet on horse racing in With the latest horse racing odds and the most up-to-date markets placing a bet on the races has never been so easy. NFL POINT DIFFERENTIAL BETTING SYSTEM SPREADSHEET EXAMPLES

Morgan Sloat's suede boots became dark leather knee-boots, their tops turned down, what might have been the hilt of a knife poking out of one. But he struggled on toward Wolf, pushing a dying, weakly convulsing cow-sheep out of his way to get there. But the Queen's son died an infant, died, he- He could feel the force of that command, gripping his face with invisible hands, trying to turn it. No time just now, Morgan. Sorry, but I've got to see if I can avoid getting drowned by Wolf's herd before I see if I can avoid getting fried by your doomstick there.

I- There was another clap of thunder, this one a huge oaken thud that rolled through the sky like an artillery shell. I- 'There you are, you little shithead' Morgan bellowed at him. His voice carried, but it had a muffled, dead quality as it came from the reality of that world into the reality of this one.

It was like listening to a man shout inside a telephone booth. Won't we? Morgan started forward, his face swimming and rippling as if made of limp plastic, and Jack had time to see there was something clutched in his hand, something hung around his neck, something small and silvery. He could feel the force of that command, gripping his face with invisible hands, trying to turn it.

Wolf struggled up again, his hair plastered against his face, his dazed eyes peering through a curtain of it like the eyes of an English sheepdog. He was coughing and staggering, seemingly no longer aware of where he was. And the small silver thing in his hand had turned to a small rod tipped with crawling blue fire. It struck one of the cow-sheep caught in the reedy muck on the other side of the stream and the unfortunate beast simply exploded, as if it had swallowed dynamite.

Blood flew in a needle-spray of droplets. Gobbets of flesh began to rain down around Jack. Blue fire arched over Jack's shoulder, sizzling-it was like a deadly electric rainbow. Racing is for everyone. Racing is actually two sports for the price of one. Horses race over obstacles and on the flat — these are called, simply enough, jump racing and Flat racing. They both take place year-round but generally speaking the best jump racing is in winter and the best Flat action is in summer.

Flat or jumps, the horse is the most important thing. A good horse can win under an inexperienced jockey but not even Sir Anthony McCoy and Frankie Dettori combined will win on a slow one. By and large, horses run predictably and consistently. That is why they have been the world's favourite betting medium for hundreds of year — you really can study the form see below and use it to pick winners. But that's not to say it's easy.

Performances are influenced by factors such as a horse's fitness, the distance of the race and whether the ground is soft and boggy or firm and fast. You can look at a horse's past performances to work out whether the ground conditions will suit — and it's understanding these crucial variables that can give punters the edge.

They are amazing, beautiful, unpredictable and so clever. They are lean, mean, powerful machines, athletes that can get to 60 kilometres an hour from a standing start in just five strides. A racehorse isn't a car. You don't just turn the key and make it go.

We have built the fastest cars and bikes but the racehorse is pure nature. Nothing compares with them. Every horse has his or her own character and personality. They are living, breathing animals that we cherish and love.

What's so great about a day at the races? It's such a thrilling sport and at its best when you get the chance to see the horses close up in the flesh. You can spend a wonderful afternoon or evening with friends, grab a drink, have a meal and, if you want, place a bet. It's exciting and colourful. There's so much to enjoy.

How do you find a winner just from looking at a horse? Look at how the horse is built, how he walks, his presence and demeanour. You must never set rules in stone, though. Just when you think you have a race sorted, a horse you hadn't even considered might surprise you. Sometimes the little horse who might not look much defeats the big horse. As with human athletes, physicality is an advantage but in racing you get lots of stories of David beating Goliath.

The basics are actually very simple. A quick look at the racecard will debunk the myth that reading the form is hard. The silks are simply the colours each jockey will wear and denote who owns each horse, and then to the right we have the age of the horse and the weight they are set to carry in the race.

Weights will vary if this race is a handicap — these are races in which horses are weighted according to their past performances — but in non-handicaps most horses will carry the same. Further to the right is the trainer and jockey. Some will place more importance on these than others. I've always been a big believer that it's the best horse who wins the race and not necessarily the best trainer or jockey, but that's a debate that continues to run. So how do you find the best horse in the race?

The string of numbers to the left of each horse's name are the form figures and they are places they have finished in their most recent races, reading from left to right with regards to their latest position. So if a horse has figures of , it would have won its last three races but finished sixth the time before.

Generally speaking, the better the form figures the better the horse's chance, but that might be reflected in the odds — the probability of a horse winning according to the bookmakers — which can be found to the right-hand side in fractional terms. A horse with a string of 1s by their name is likely to be a lot shorter in the betting than one with 0s, for example.

By doing those simple steps you've already started to read the form, albeit at its simplest. You already know that the better the form figures the better the chance and the shorter the likely odds. So we have come a long way without having to delve too deeply into the form book. If you want to go a little deeper, however, you can click on the horse's name to access its profile page, which will show you past performances.

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He remains in good condition and is rated as a big runner. He represents an in-form yard and has every chance of doubling the score with Denis Schwarz on board. Having come out well from that run, he is down two categories and can mount a bold bid here. That was in Benchmark 66, and now he is running in Benchmark 51, he is a big runner in this.

Well-trained, he should go very close. However, it is worth noting that he does have excuses on his side, notably being stuck three-wide for the most part of the race. Even though he could not create a fairytale story, he did produce a solid showing, completing the quartet. He has landed the perfect draw and has a genuine chance of renewing with success. He is far better than what he served up, and is a big player in this. He has impressed in the lead-up to his debut and can make an instant impact.

Compared to his last run, he is down in class and has a genuine chance in this. The hot pace in this race should play to his strengths and he will be a genuine threat in the closing stages. He is capable of going one better. He has not struck since, although he has placed in each of his last three runs. It would be wrong to put a line through his chances here.

Still in excellent shape and form, he has a genuine chance of confirming. Stable mate 7 Citadel did not have an easy run throughout in the 18th meeting. A very promising sort, he has impressed mightily in the build-up to his debut, and can follow in the footsteps of Captain Mike and Balouchi in making an instant impact. He can produce a big showing here. He merits tons of respect in this. That win was franked when the runner-up Canary Island went one better in a higher Benchmark.

Well-trained, he is taken to confirm. He is capable of doing even better this time round. He has caught the eye with his recent gallops and if he can repeat them in the real thing, he can contest the finish. A class dropper, he has a genuine chance of bouncing back. A reproduction of that run can see him go one better. Well-trained, he has landed the perfect draw and can prove his worth before the Maiden Cup in two weeks.

In good shape and form, he can mount a bold bid. This grey horse has showed up well in his recent workouts and with only If he manages to follow within striking range, he will be a genuine threat in the closing stages. He remains very well and can notch up another big race. He is currently unbeaten in four and even if he faces his biggest test yet, he is more than capable of stretching his unbeaten streak further.

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mauritius turf club betting tips

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