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Well, I managed to earn some money with Trading While everybody was partying during the New Year's break and eating celebratory dinner. This refers to a forex account that is mostly provided by Forex brokerage firms. They aim to help their clients with the automation of their trading system in a. #1. Percent Allocation Management Module – PAMM Accounts In a PAMM account, the fund manager manages all the money in one pool. All the. TOP 5 BETTING SITES AUSTRALIA

There were a few concepts which I needed a little extra help with so I would focus on these note cards. Exam questions. Two nights before the exam I reviewed the practice questions which I created. I made a total of 16 fairly tough questions before the exam. The night before the exam I re-read through all of the exam questions again. Final review. On the night right before the exam I did a final real through of the important NFA resources and the forex trading guide.

I also did more drilling with my note cards and reviewed the exam questions a final time. I also started an overview sheet which I will turn into another quick glance resource for this website. Why I did not score as high as I would like I have taken and passed a number of different proficiency exams which are administered by FINRA — the series 3, the series 7, the series 24, the series 63, the series 65, and now the series For each of these previous exams I prepared much better and accordingly received much higher scores.

Here, my scores were not as high and I think it is for a couple of reasons: 1. I did not do any practice calculations. There were around five questions which really required the use of a calculator. These questions included basic and more advanced calculations related to the actual profits and losses on positions. There was also a question dealing with the price per pip calculation.

I feel that the reason I struggled with this part of the exam is that I did not really do any sort of practice problems on these types of calculations — I simply memorized the example I used in the definition. Be prepared to use the calculator on the exam.

For this question I just had to guess. There was another calculation problem which I made a more educated guess on as well. I did not focus really any of my study time on shorting currency pairs. Because I spent no time even thinking about this, I was a bit unprepared for a couple of problems which discussed this as a possibility.

These questions were generally pretty basic questions and from previous study I was able to answer them correctly I think. For these questions I think that the series 3 exam and the series 7 exam helped in terms of general investment management knowledge. Ambiguously stated regulatory terms. The exam included at least one question with ambiguously stated regulatory terms. I believe the question made reference to a Member and Associated Member of some sort of regulated body.

These terms are not precise and do not make sense — there is no such thing as an associated member. I cannot remember how this worked out and I may have switched my answer at the very end something you are not supposed to do. This is one of the frustrating things about FINRA exams in general — it is not necessarily how much you know, but that you know how to take the exam.

This is more true with regard to the Series 7 and other exams, but it still holds true for this on 4. I did not understand these concepts during my studies and still do not understand them. I think there might have been another question on these issues which I likely answered incorrectly. A note about pacing through the exam One of the nice things about FINRA exams is that they always follow a very similar pattern. At the beginning of the exam the questions will be easy and you will probably breeze through the first questions.

From there the questions will begin to get tougher and somewhere around questions ish there are likely to questions which seem impossible. You can miss a lot of questions and still pass. After you make it though the tougher questions, the end is easy and you will likely breeze through the last 10 questions or so. On the day of the exam I scheduled my exam for am. I always try to schedule these exams for the morning for a few reasons, the most important of which is that I just want to get the exam done with.

If I schedule the exam in the afternoon I am going to spend the day being distracted and trying to get extra studying in — this is just me, you should schedule your exam for the time you think you will be able to do your best. I woke up at am, took out the dog, took a shower and was at the coffee shop by about I had a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and then made my way to the bus stop.

I waited for the bus and went through my note cards on the bus ride down to the exam center. After I got dropped off and walked to my exam center, it was am and I had a few minutes to kill before I was supposed to be at the center FINRA recommends being at the testing center a half hour before the time which the exam starts.

Agriculture products such as corn, sugar and wheat It was this type of commodity that formed the backbone of the first markets in the s, when farmers would lock in prices for their produce at various times of the year. The risks and rewards of the commodity market As with all types of trading, there are no guarantees when it comes to commodities. The commodity market is particularly high risk and high reward, perhaps even more so than most other markets.

Open a commodity trading account You can trade metals and energy markets with tight spreads and low commissions with FXOpen. Why not get in touch with us today or open an account to start your trading journey and find out why FXOpen offers one of the very best commodity trading platforms on the market. What factors affect commodity prices? As with almost any market, supply and demand has a huge impact on the commodity market.

For example, if oil production levels in traditionally prolific areas such as the Middle East were to drop, those commodity prices would be likely to rise. For example, major political events such as the US elections have historically had a significant impact on the price of precious metals — especially gold — so that is one commodity market that traders will monitor closely when candidates embark on their campaigns.

What is a commodity broker? A commodity broker acts as a link between the trader and the market, offering quotes via its liquidity providers. Its trading platform reflects the best possible market conditions and offers the capability to execute trades.

A commodity broker will charge a commission on every deal and its interests are aligned with that of the commodity trader.

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