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china rating system crypto

Its burgeoning credit system is one such example. Sarah Zhang, co-founder of Points (PTS)—an artificial intelligence-based blockchain. Data sharing of social credit scores across provinces is now possible thanks to Remin Chain, a permissioned blockchain product from Hangzhou's. It's worth mentioning that China is working on a social credit score system for individuals, another one for companies, and the third one for government. REASONS SPORTS BETTING SHOULD BE LEGAL

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A Look Inside China’s Social Credit System - NBC News Now


They faced close scrutiny, and even lawsuits in some cases. But in China, authorities have found only limited success. The default rate of Chinese issuers with top domestic ratings is higher compared to the global market, according to a research note from CSCI Pengyuan in July, which studied default data onshore and globally between The report found the average default rate of AAA-rated bonds over eight years was 4.

Yao said the company is currently focused more on attracting eyeballs. If the business hits a bottleneck, he could consider new businesses such as creating indexes, he said. But for now, some investors say they have at least one credible alternative. An earlier version corrected the title of an executive in the previous paragraph. It was to create a digital asset platform. We look at digital assets across three large spectrums: There's cryptocurrencies, I put those in one bucket.

Traditional tokenized assets are in a separate bucket. And then natively tokenized assets will be the third. We wanted to make sure that we were bringing a product to market that had the ability to service [customers] across those different types of digital assets. We started with crypto because that's where our client demand was.

Custody was really the first capability that was paramount for our clients. It sets the foundation for the full platform. We'll add on different capabilities as we see more demand. And we'll start to go across the different asset types as well, pending where clients need us to go, and where the regulators permit us. What were some of the most contentious issues? The biggest challenge in this space is without consistent regulations globally, we really had to bring our highest institutional-grade standards to bear into the market.

We've been doing that for a very long time. Obviously, there are unique risks in this type of asset class. If you think about the types of institutional clients we service, a vast majority of them have a percent of their investments in digital assets.

For them, it was very important to be able to go to a provider who could offer services across the different assets in their investment portfolio, whether it was traditional assets or a combo of digital assets. That experience was very important. Not having a player like ourselves in the market, the reality was they had to go to a digitally native custodian for their digital assets, and then a traditional custodian for the rest of their portfolio.

That puts a real burden on the clients to be able to do things like reconstruct a portfolio to enable compliance reporting, tax reporting, or various different things like that. So the client experience was also a key driver for us in how we designed the product. Obviously, risk, first and foremost: That's how we design all our product offerings. Can you go deeper into that? What were some of the risks and concerns that came up in the conversations? Clearly, we have very thorough and robust cybersecurity departments that manage all the protection of those assets.

We also deal in the trillions when it comes to payments. So heightened cybersecurity is very, very important. Implicit in that is wallet management. What we've done and what's been very important for is we looked across the industry at specialized firms. So you would have seen that we made an investment in Fireblocks. It takes the best of what they do very well, which is wallet management and infrastructure.

The other area that was a challenge was interoperability across the digital and the traditional space. It goes back to that client experience. What was very important for us was to make sure that we actually took the digital asset platform that we've built and had it fully interoperable with the traditional platforms.

That is not an easy thing to do. You made this decision at a time when crypto is reeling from a major crash. Is there a story or a conversation you had with a client in terms of concern that stands out for you? That they can also marry that trust with a bank who has proven that they can innovate in an agile form.

One of the criticisms that you will see from the fintech world or the digital world of the traditional world is the pace at which we move. One of the things we're seeing more and more from our clients is they're appreciating that we have the ability to innovate in a very measured and prudent fashion.

Where we are slower is because we're being measured and purposeful, bringing our capabilities to market in a very disciplined form. Again, that speaks to trust and risk management. We're really seeing even across the diverse types of clients that we have, there's a real appreciation now of bringing those risk management principles into this market.

Our clients, they're always thinking about the next step. It's [also] the ability to add even more services as we start to see the market open up a little bit more. We will meet that demand, whether it's execution, or other capabilities, driven by our clients and driven by our regulators.

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A Look Inside China’s Social Credit System - NBC News Now

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