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Cigarette smoking was significantly associated with sports-betting with an aRR (95% CI , ). Conclusion. Sports-betting is common. ments about the Melbourne Cup, gambling and animal cruelty. horse races (OR = ; 95% CI = –) as were respondents aged 18– Mbarara, Uganda Research article betting with an aRR (95% CI , ). ARGENTINA VS BELGIUM BETTING PREVIEW ON BETFAIR

Single items do not capture the construct low content validity , have fewer points of discrimination sensitivity and lack a measure of internal consistency reliability reliability. In addition, the results may be influenced by the common method bias, creating inflation regarding the relationship between study variables.

Future direction Leisure activities, parents, alcohol and drug consumption, school environment, friends, access to gambling and culture are important factors for adolescent problem gambling [ 44 ]. More findings are needed on how adolescents experience those factors, and how interactions with them may differ between groups and countries.

Like Kristiansen et al. More cross-country surveys are needed, as well as the participation of all Nordic countries in surveys such as the ESPAD and the optional questions on problem gambling. Qualitative research is needed in order to gain knowledge about the processes and experiences of the youth gambling context in different countries, and in order to understand the effect of different legislation and intervention on underage gambling. Conceptual framework of harmful gambling: an international collaboration.

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Exposure to gambling advertising and adolescent gambling behavior. Moderating effects of perceived family support. Int Gambl Stud. The European soccer leagues are extremely popular in Africa and therefore soccer sponsors such as sports betting companies are likely to reach a very wide audience on the continent through their advertisement.

Sports betting in Uganda is legal and one of the rapidly expanding industries now with presence of international betting companies throughout the country [ 4 ]. The betting industry has grown over the years that by June , there were at least 23 licensed betting companies that were operational, with at least betting outlets in the country [ 5 ]. The companies have made betting even more accessible through the provision of online services that customers can access through their mobile phones and telephone service providers [ 6 ].

Existing data suggest that males are more knowledgeable and engage more in sports betting and those that have peers who gamble tend to generally have positive attitudes towards sports betting [ 7 ]. In Uganda, a previous study reports that younger people are more likely to engage in sports betting and do this both for fun and to win money [ 8 ]. The same young crowd of males is also drawn to soccer matches where they are ardent supporters of the mostly foreign soccer leagues in Europe.

The linkage between soccer and sports-betting or gambling advertisement exposes the football fans to the allure of sports-betting and poses potential public health threats to the soccer fans, majority of who are minors or young adults, because of the potential risk of developing problem gambling [ 9 — 11 ] and addiction.

Gambling also increases the risk for financial problems, mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, suicide, and problematic relationships at the family level particularly with spouse, children, and parents [ 12 ]..

The global marketing of sports-betting and alcoholic products together in live sports events such as soccer matches is very common [ 13 ] and betting advertisement associates significant moments of sports such as scoring goals with alcohol [ 14 ]. Alcohol consumption has been linked to gambling including sports-betting.

Several studies have confirmed the association between alcohol consumption and sports-betting [ 15 , 16 ] and also with smoking or substance abuse [ 17 ]. However, most of these studies have been conducted in resource rich settings. In resource limited settings like Uganda, because of the popularity of soccer, exposure to sports-betting advertisement is increasing and anecdotal reports suggest that sports-betting may also be on the rise especially among youth in urban and peri-urban areas.

Motorcycle taxis commonly referred to as bodabodas are operated by a predominantly youthful urban male population, who earn a daily income and may be a soft target for the sports-betting industry. There is limited empiric data on the frequency of gambling in the populations that have been targeted by the sports-betting companies.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to establish the frequency and pattern of sports-betting, and the relationship between alcohol consumption and sports-betting among boda boda riders in an urban setting in Uganda. We hypothesized that alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are associated with increased likelihood of sports-betting. Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption in early adulthood have long-term negative impact on health, earnings and employment later in life especially among males [ 18 ].

The data from this study will provide evidence to support measures or policies to regulate sports betting in resource limited settings where the practice is on the increase and also potentially support the integration of alcohol and sports-betting regulation. Methods Setting We conducted a cross sectional study in Mbarara municipality located in Mbarara district in south-western Uganda.

The municipality is a mixed urban and peri-urban setting with an estimated population of nearly , inhabitants. Located km from the capital Kampala, it is the largest urban setting in southwestern Uganda. Study participants and sampling The boda boda cyclists are predominantly male, with a very small number of female riders [ 19 ]. The riders are identifiable by the stage where they operate from. A stage is an area where a group of riders congregate and wait for passengers and the stages are scattered across the municipality.

Each boda boda stage has a different number of riders ranging from a few to almost 15 in the more crowded areas of the municipality. We used a multi stage sampling approach to select the stages from which our respondents were enrolled. In this multi-stage approach, we started at the division or sub-county , the largest geographical unit in the municipality. We purposively selected divisions that had the largest number of boda boda cyclists.

We then listed all the stages in the selected divisions using unique codes in an Excel sheet and then performed simple random sampling to select the boda boda stages. At the selected stages, we conducted a census of all boda boda cyclists and randomly selected from the list. We selected an equal number of cyclists from each stage.

Our sample size calculation was adjusted for the design effect arising from potential clustering of riders at a given stage. We collected data using a questionnaire that was translated into the local language for those unable to speak English. Inclusion and exclusion criteria The boda boda cyclists were eligible to participate if they were residing within Mbarara municipality, had been riding for at least 6 months, a period required for them to obtain an official registration from the Municipal commercial officers.

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The betting system is a tool that can help you win more hands than you would without using a system, but it is not a sure thing. Use the betting system at your own risk and always gamble responsibly. How to Use Betting System in Roulette Games The betting system is a very simple yet effective way to play the roulette game. The main aim of this system is to cover as many numbers as possible so that you have a higher chance of winning. This system can be used in both online and offline casinos.

Here's how the betting system works: You bet on 1, 3, 2, and 6. This means that you are betting on numbers 1, 3, 10, 11, 12, and If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you will win. The payout for this bet is 1 to 1. If the ball lands on any other number, you will lose your bet.

This system is a very easy way to play the roulette game and it can be quite effective if used correctly. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using this system. First of all, you need to make sure that you are betting on numbers that come up often. If you are only betting on numbers that come up occasionally, you will not win very often. Secondly, you need to be aware of the fact that this system does not guarantee you a win.

It is still possible to lose your bet even if you use this system. Finally, you should only use this system in moderation. If you use it too often, you may end up losing more money than you can afford to lose. So, if you want to use the betting system in roulette games, make sure that you keep these things in mind.

Otherwise, you may just end up losing your money. Here are some of the best online betting sites: Casino This is one of the most popular online casinos in the world and it offers a wide range of casino games, including roulette. You can also bet on sports and horse races with Casino. Betfair This is an online betting exchange where you can bet on a wide range of sports and events.

You can also use Betfair to trade financial markets. If you win, bet three units on the second hand. If you win again, bet two units on the third hand. If you win three hands in a row, double your bet on the fourth hand. If you win again, start with a one-unit bet. Start again with a one-unit wager if you lose at any time. There are several advantages and disadvantages to utilizing this approach. This makes keeping track of your bets a breeze. This implies that if you have a lucky run, you might make some decent money.

Because your bets rise following each loss, this is true. Profits are not guaranteed by the system. Is the Betting System Right for You? Types of Games in Which Can Be Used the Betting System The betting system may be utilized in any game that allows you to wager on even money. The following are examples of such games: crash games, dice, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Crash games are a type of game where you can place bets on the crash of an in-game asset.

The value of the asset will rise and fall over time, and you can cash out at any time to make a profit. To use the betting system in crash games, you need to follow these steps: Choose an asset to bet on and decide how much you want to bet. Place a one-unit bet on the asset. If the asset crashes and you lose your bet, start again from the beginning with a one-unit bet. Continue increasing your bet by one unit after each round until you reach six units. If the asset crashes at any point, start again from the beginning with a one-unit bet.

As you can see, this system is quite simple to follow. Dice games are another type of game where you can place bets on even-money outcomes. To use the betting system in dice games, you need to follow these steps: Choose a game and decide how much you want to bet. Place a one-unit bet on the game. If you lose your bet, start again from the beginning with a one-unit bet. If you win your bet, increase your bet to three units for the next round.

If you lose at any point, start again from the beginning with a one-unit bet. If you manage to win all six bets, cash out and enjoy your profits! Final Thought The betting method for roulette is a very basic yet effective technique to play the game. The basic aim of this system is to cover as many numbers as possible in order to enhance your chances of winning. This method can be utilized at both online and physical casinos. But there are a few things to bear in mind while utilizing this approach.

Second, keep in mind that this method can not guarantee your success. Finally, use this technique only when necessary.

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