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bitcoin accepting sites india

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In October ; WazirX. WazirX · %/ % ; CoinDCX. CoinDCX · %/ % ; CoinSwitch Kuber. CoinSwitch Kuber · These Indian Companies Accept Bitcoin Payments In India · HighKart · The Rug Republic · Sapna · Things to check before making Bitcoin payment. (book seller) · etravelsmart (online buss booking) · Reload (mobile DTH recharge) · Cyberls (web hosting) · Indsoft . GLOBAL BANKING ELITES FINANCING DEVELOPMENT OF CRYPTOCURRENCY

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Mobile App — Not yet. Desktop app is good. Use my affiliate link to register on Koinex to register. Zebpay Update 23 Jan Zebpay is now similar to Koinex. They are now a user to user exchange. Good for one time buying. Zebpay is not an open exchange. You buy from or sell to Zebpay itself. There is one price each for buy and sell.

You take it or leave it. The company is based out of Ahmadabad. There is a buying limit of Rs. Bank withdrawals attract a fee of Rs. Prices — Buying prices are generally costlier by about 0. When there is a major fall, their selling prices are generally higher than other places. Transaction Fees — There is no additional fee.

It is included in the BTC price. Bitcoin Transfer Time— Transfer time is higher than Koinex, but tough to quantify exactly. Downtime — None that I have experienced. App — Tried the Android App. It is Good. Other cryptocurrency — None. Use my referral code REF to register. Coinsecure Lowest price, generally. Coinsecure is one of the older exchanges in India.

Good liquidity, hence prices are generally the lowest. Registration time— My registration took over over 2 weeks due to some confusion. Generally, they are a backlogged for registration. Assume, 2 days atleast. Bank interaction time — Transfer from bank can take upto 12hrs. Most of the process is manual it seems. Same for withdrawals. Prices — Buying prices are generally the lowest here. At times the brokerage fee is a spoiler and makes the transaction costly.

This is very high. Bitcoin Transfer Time— Transfer time is high. Bitcoin Transfer Fee— 0. Pretty low. Downtime — The site acts up at times. The async price updates also stops very often. UI needs serious work. It is bad. Almost unusable. Click here to register on Coinsecure. Unocoin Unocoin is one of the most popular Bitcoin apps of India, partly because it is one of the few VC funded ones.

This is not an open exchange. Transaction fee is too high. Registration time— Smooth. Took 1 working day, I think. Bank interaction time — Very slow. Both deposit and withdrawals take time and are manual it seems. Prices — Buying prices are generally on the higher side. High brokerage makes it worse. Selling prices are rarely good. Transaction Fees — 1. As a result, this ruling has widely supported digital currencies in this country.

In short, investing in Bitcoin in India is completely legal. You can do so through different markets and traders. However, from reliable sources, the government is trying to create its own cryptocurrency. This article provides you with a list of websites accepting bitcoin where users can buy and sell bitcoins in India. Today, bitcoin transactions are flourishing in India. There are many websites and mobile apps for buying bitcoins in India.

Here is the complete list of the best websites accepting bitcoin in India. Now, India as a market is as vast as China, and this ruling has supported the world of digital money extensively. As a result, investing in Bitcoin is completely legal in India.

Is Bitcoin taxable in India? Since income from whatever source derived is included in the Income Tax Act, , and supply of any service, if not specifically exempted, is taxable under Goods and Services Tax. Thus, the gains from cryptocurrency trading and services by crypto exchanges are liable to be taxable.

Can we buy Bitcoin in India?

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