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In an ICO, a quantity of cryptocurrency is sold in the form of "tokens" ("coins") to speculators or investors, in exchange for legal tender or other (generally. Current Ethereum Value is $ with Market Capitalization of $ B. Buy Ethereum on 80 Exchanges with Markets and $ B Daily Trade Volume. Buyers received ether (ETH) in exchange for bitcoin, and more than 7 million ether was sold in the first 12 hours of the sale, worth approximately $ million. AIDING AND ABETTING IN IOWA

This token may have some utility related to the product or service that the company is offering or represent a stake in the company or project. Key Takeaways Initial coin offerings ICOs are a popular way to raise funds for products and services usually related to cryptocurrency. A few ICOs have yielded returns for investors. Numerous others have turned out to be fraudulent or have performed poorly. To participate in an ICO, you usually need to first purchase a more established digital currency, plus have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

ICOs are, for the most part, completely unregulated, so investors must exercise a high degree of caution and diligence when researching and investing in them. ICOs can be structured in a few different ways, including: Static supply and static price: A company can set a specific funding goal or limit, which means that each token sold in the ICO has a preset price, and the total token supply is fixed.

Static supply and dynamic price: An ICO can have a static supply of tokens and a dynamic funding goal—this means that the amount of funds received in the ICO determines the overall price per token. Dynamic supply and static price: Some ICOs have a dynamic token supply but a static price, meaning that the amount of funding received determines the supply. These newly issued tokens are similar to shares of stock sold to investors during an IPO.

What Happens to the Funds? The ICO would then be deemed unsuccessful. Anyone can launch an ICO. With very little regulation of ICOs in the U. But this lack of regulation also means that someone might do whatever it takes to make you believe they have a legitimate ICO and abscond with the money. Of all the possible funding avenues, an ICO is probably one of the easiest to set up as a scam. The first step is ensuring that the people putting up the ICO are real and accountable. Investors can research and find ICOs in which to participate, but there is no surefire way to stay abreast of all the latest initial coin offerings.

You can use websites like TopICOlist. The U. In March , the U. To help avoid ICO scams, you can: Make sure that project developers can clearly define what their goals are. Successful ICOs typically have straightforward, understandable white papers with clear, concise goals. Look for transparency. Because traditional regulators generally do not oversee this space, an investor is responsible for ensuring that an ICO is legitimate.

Ensure that ICO funds are stored in an escrow wallet. This type of wallet requires multiple access keys, which provides useful protection against scams. Some ICOs require that another cryptocurrency be used to invest in an ICO, so you may need to purchase other coins to invest in the project. ICO Hyping ICOs can generate a substantial amount of hype, and there are numerous sites online where investors gather to discuss new opportunities. Famous actors, entertainers, or other individuals with an established presence like Steven Seagal also have encouraged their followers or fans to invest in a hot new ICO.

However, the SEC released a warning to investors stating that it is illegal for celebrities to use social media to endorse ICOs without disclosing what compensation they received. Now that we have an answer to the question of when and why, all that remains is to find out how Ethereum was created. You may already be familiar with the turbulent history of the founders of Ethereum, between euphoria and abandonment, but let us give you a brief summary.

In January , after Vitalik presented Ethereum at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami, the original group of 5 founders expanded to 8 members with the addition of, among others, Gavin Wood , the future creator of Polkadot. However, Vitalik Buterin was adamant about the non-profit nature of the organisation: thus, the Ethereum Foundation was created in Zug Switzerland in June , causing the dissatisfaction of Charles Hoskinson , who left to create Cardano. Rather, the Ethereum Foundation is a promoter of the broader Decentralised Finance DeFi ecosystem, which it helped to create.

The objective of an IPO is to enlarge the capital of a company by involving other investors besides the original founders and shareholders. What are ICOs: the example of Ethereum ICOs, at least at the time, differed from IPOs in two ways: they did not have to go through the complex regulatory process of public offerings because it was not equity i. The latter is a type of token that provides access to the services and benefits provided by a blockchain and its ecosystem, such as the Young token YNG.

However, ICOs have often generated ambiguity about the distinction between utility and security , as we shall see in a bit. For now, we will focus on the importance of the Ethereum ICO, and then discuss the phenomenon that emerged from this inauguration. When a project wants to launch its own cryptocurrency, it can launch an ICO to attract investors to its ecosystem. The only way to participate was to pay in Bitcoin: for the first 14 days, the exchange rate was set at 1 bitcoin per ETH, after which this amount decreased linearly to a ratio of ETH per BTC.

Today, these numbers would correspond to immense values, but at the time the price of a Bitcoin was around dollars, which resulted in almost 30 cents per ETH given the previous proportions. However, due to the absence of a cap on existing ETH units, almost 60 million coins were sold, totalling 31, BTC, about 18 M dollars.

It was an incredible result, which encouraged other projects to follow the same fundraising strategy. Other ICOs following Ethereum, which boast much higher figures, would have been impossible without the one organised by Vitalik Buterin. As a result, all sales in ICOs were made in exchange for the Ether coin, which became very much in demand. Def: smart contract, A software that allows actions to be automatically triggered if certain conditions occur. The most common use case is to mediate a financial transaction between two entities on the blockchain.

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