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A Russian airline has announced that it is to use the ethereum blockchain to sell flight tickets with backing from the country's largest. IBS S7 ETH UM. Pricing and availability information is currently not available for this product. Please refresh the page or contact your sales. Buy 90+ Gold asic bitcion antminer S9 S7 ethereum fonte atx power supply W psu for litecoin Dash antminer X3 E3 L3 at Aliexpress for US $ BEST BETS PREDICTION

This is the first project that has an infrastructure for payments in constant mode, ranging from the ticket booking system to the bank payment system. The introduction of the Ethereum platform has provided opportunities for considerable optimization of business processes, both for the airline and for its partners. The speed of settlements has increased from 14 days to 23 seconds. The airline does not provide deferred payment to the agent and receives revenue right after issuance of the flight ticket.

Thanks to such technology, agents can work directly with the airline without any additional financial guarantees. The technology also allows for reducing document flow and guarantees the security of operations. The blockchain platform allows optimizing business processes significantly. It automates any mutual payment pattern, even a very difficult one, such as warehouse supplies, for example. Human participation is almost unnecessary when using such an instrument: there is no need to issue invoices, perform reconciliations, and prepare certificates.

Caterers, fuel, and airport service providers, i. Later on, by means of this technology, S7 Airlines plans to stop using the deposit pattern for mutual payments and bank guarantees and to switch information support of repeated business processes related to approval procedures and bank payments to this platform. In particular, this approach will support interaction with providers of goods and services in airports.

The technology is said to make the payment system more efficient by quickening it up considerably. Currently, the settlement times between S7 and their agent S7 Ticket may last roughly two weeks, however, with the technology they can become shorter and the commission charged by the agent can be deduced from the payment momentarily.

The adaptation of such system by the airlines comes just after Aeroflot has announced that they consider using of crypto currency and related technologies, in their financial procedures. The usage of Ethereum blockchain by S7 is not new though. Last December, Alfa Bank and the airline have conducted the first Ethereum blockchain payment through a letter of credit issued by the bank.

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s7 ethereum

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