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In recent years the likes of Cobra and Mizuno have taken the crown for making the best 'underdog' drivers outside of the big four, but for me. Kalea Premier Driver - The Kalea Premier driver is built for speed and forgiveness and comes at standard in degrees with a carbon crown and. Matthew Fitzpatrick What's In The Bag? · Metalwoods · Titleist TSi3 Driver (9 degrees, A1 SureFit setting) · Ping G Max 3-wood ( degrees). CRYPTO CONFERENCE CHICAGO

Yes, the putter is important too, but if you can't get off the tee and in play with any consistency then you're going to struggle. Luckily for us, manufacturers are aware of this and each year they are constantly striving to bring out a product which is going to make our lives easier and get us finding the short grass more often.

As a result, you want to make sure you're making the right decision when it comes to the big stick. At Golfalot we have tested all of the best drivers currently available on the market to give you a better idea of which models we think you should be testing. Here they are These maximise ball speeds on shots that are hit off-centre, with visual peaks and valleys that resemble a topology map, this reminds me a lot of the Flash Face in Callaway's recent drivers first seen in the Epic Flash.

There is a lighter, stronger titanium chassis for more stability. It is a cc head which looks slightly oversized in profile. I'm not a huge fan of the orange colourway on the sole, but I can look past this because the sole isn't the most important aspect. It's all about what it looks like at address, and with the matte black finish this driver looks mint.

The feel is fantastic and the stability offered reminded me of a Ping driver , while the speed off the face was more reminiscent of a new TaylorMade. A pretty good combination in my opinion. The LTDx comes in lofts of 9, LTDx LS Driver This is also a cc head and looks rounder and more traditional in its shape than the other two in the range, with the same matte black finish on the crown.

The face no longer wraps around the edge of the driver head to the crown like it did in the Radspeed and Speedzone , but the small Cobra logo remains as an alignment aid on the top of the head. All in all I think it's a better, cleaner look than the Radspeed. The LTDx LS feels quieter off the face than the Radspeed which is a bit of a bonus even if it doesn't actually alter performance, but what makes it for me is the stability of the head at impact, it just feels so solid.

There are 9 degree and The driver also has an adjustable weight system with 3g and 10g weights which can be moved to either the front heel or toe to fine tune trajectory. As the name suggests, it has a large profile when you address the ball but the fact that it is a plan matte black does at least help to tone things down a little.

If you're a little worried about this then you shouldn't be, because I think this is the point of these drivers. They have a large head and face shape so that it feels like you can't miss the ball, and if you miss the centre of the face then the technology is here to help you. You can see the weights on the sole which are positioned back and towards the heel, to increase both the height and the draw-bias of your shots.

With the hosel adjusted to the draw setting, Cobra say you can move your shots a total of 18 yards further left which is a pretty impressive claim. The driver is available in left and right handed and in lofts of 9, The Data All data in this test was captured outdoor in temperatures of around degrees.

From my testing on the range, I found that the LTDx LS was the longest of the three drivers, with a superb consistency in the carry distance and a spin rate which hovered around rpm. I just had one mis-hit which was way up over rpm, and this brought my total average closer to rpm - take that shot out and the numbers are super.

Cobra LTDx LS FlightScope Data I was impressed by the fact that the mis-strike was way up on spin, but the ball speed still stayed up at 1mph above average, which is a big tick for the new H. Face technology. I finally got my 'unicorn' shot on the last tee shot of the day. Yes please. The LTDx Max wasn't particularly suited to my game, it performed well in terms of ball speed but the launch was too high for me, which meant that my carry distance was down when compared to the other models.

Cobra LTDx FlightScope Data My shots were going twice as far left as the other two LTDx heads too, which is a true indicator that the draw-bias setup in this head was working as it should.

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An adjustable weight system features a 10g and 3g weight that can be exchanged to either the front heel or toe to fine-tune trajectory. A cc shape features an aerodynamic design designed to aid players with faster swing speeds to maximize their clubhead speed. For the full technology breakdown, check out our LTDx launch piece. The larger Infinity Face is visible from the address view.

Fitter notes This whole LTDx driver line is just insane. The two weights being different grams and both forward has been interesting too. In terms of ball speed numbers and forgiveness, it is a killer. Cosmetically it looks good with the color combination; the players seem to really like the matte finish.

The LS is a go-to driver for a player who is really fighting spin. Very low but consistent spin between , great dispersion, and no low spin knuckleballs from poor strikes. I consistently got MPH ball speed above any of the other heads I was trying today. The rpm represents a much greater separation between models versus the G Plus driver line, which means it is easier for golfers to find their ideal fit. For the full technology breakdown, check out our Ping G driver launch piece Fitter notes The LST performs exactly as advertised—by offering a very forgiving low spin head.

If you are a golfer who has a negative attack angle, the deeper face of the G LST combined with the lower spin performance can add some serious ball speed because the head is stable all over the face. To take that point even further, if you are a golfer who tends to miss higher on the face, this driver is going to help.

This is a tour-level driver with game-improvement-level forgiveness—plain and simple. The added stability comes from the new weighting system and overall heavier head. The Alta CB counterbalance shafts is a must-try that pairs really well with what this driver is designed to do. Indoor fitting and got a 9 degree. I had to loft up on the course the full 1. But man, the ball goes dead straight and stays in the air a lot longer than my old G LST with a stiff shaft. Gonna have to mentally get over not using an S shaft for the first time in 35 years.

Callaway engineers added new technology and more extreme weighting to the original Rogue framework to produce the Rogue ST Speed Tuned line, which Callaway is calling its fastest, most stable drivers ever. The low-spin offering in the Rogue ST lineup, Rogue ST Max LS is a more workable, lower spin head designed to produce a more neutral ball flight and stronger trajectory.

Only mid-to-low handicap players need apply. Fitter notes The spin is a little lower, and the ball speed off the face is a little bit faster than the drivers before it. It is a little more neutral than the Max head, so it allows me to go both ways with the cog settings. The high swing speed players I work with like to take out one side of the course, and having a driver that is more neutral and low spin allows me to go both ways.

It just works for a lot of players. But it can go all the way down to higher handicaps that create a lot of spin. Forgiving enough for a wide range of players. There is a lot of tech that is really unseen. From a performance standpoint, especially on mishits, it is just holding its line better with launch and spin conditions. The thing I am most surprised with is mishits low on the face; they are still holding a ton of ball speed. Callaway has the forgiveness factor married with the speed.

You get away with the mishits with the Rogue. Offers good, consistent launch with really good spin numbers. Just WOW. Carbon Twist Face weight savings allow more weight to be positioned low and deep in the head. Fitter notes At the end of the day, it has to perform, and it does. The ballspeed and the distance off of it puts it as high, or the highest, in our store of all the new drivers.

Generally, the faster you swing, you are going to generate a little more spin, and I see a little more consistency with that. It is a good driver for someone who needs to knock off a couple of hundred RPM of spin no matter the clubhead speed. The biggest thing we have seen this year from Stealth is really fast ball speed off mishits.

Hitting it off the heel, toe, low, or high, there is a big increase around the face compared to SIM2. Ball speed consistency is really good, and it is going to work for all swing speeds because your misses are going to be closer. Players are really surprised by the sound and feel of it since it really mimics previous titanium drivers.

I have seen players pick up clubhead speed as well. It is always going to be a little more forgiving without the sliding weight in there, and it also offers a little softer feel. The Stealth fits a lot of people. The face technology and the Twist Face go hand-in-hand to help a lot with controlling spin and reducing the gear effect.

A look at the Inertia Generator and rear weight of the Stealth. About 10 of the drives were dead straight, a couple were pulls, with one baby fade and one little draw. It looks great at address, has a nice weight to it, and feels really solid. No marking on the face from the balls that I hit — it still looks new. I like this one a lot so far. This extra mass is also how the weight track can offer less movement on the exterior of the head while still creating the same level of movement inside the head to create a draw and fade bias compared to previous generations.

Fitter notes If you are a golfer who struggles with face contact and needs some directional control, this is by far the most forgiving driver I can put in your hands—it feels like point and shoot. The big adjustable weight in the rear offers a massive amount of ball flight adjustability so make sure that you test all the settings to find out which one helps you reduces your misses. Played my first round today with it. It is SO forgiving. You really have to make a bad pass at it to make the ball go way offline.

Misses are definitely closer to the target line and further. I definitely recommend this driver. Fitter notes Extremely forgiving. In this particular case, the Rogue ST Max is one that is going to allow golfers to play their best golf. What is interesting is that as they are figuring out a way to create higher launch through design that has low spin, we are starting to see more better players utilize non-LS and non-Triple Diamond type of woods in their bag because of the technology.

You get the playability and forgiveness but not in a spin that is so high that it reduces distance. It is probably one of the easiest non-lightweight drivers to just launch in the air. It is going to launch the ball really easily with really good ball speed numbers. What really makes the TSi2 along with the rest of the TSi series drivers unique is the ATI titanium face insert, allowing engineers to once again make the faces thinner to reduce weight while also increasing the overall elasticity for better ball speed retainment.

Fitter notes For the golfers who want a larger confidence-inspiring look, this driver is awesome. The new titanium in the face insert has allowed Titleist to be at the top in every fitting I do, and beyond the head, they offer a full spectrum of loft and shaft options to fit almost any player.

This allowed engineers to drop the center of gravity lower and back, which boosts the moment of inertia. According to Cleveland, the MOI is up 11 percent over the previous Launcher driver, and that will make the club more forgiving and more resistant to twisting on off-center hits. The more the hitting area bends and the faster it snaps back, the more ball speed is created, and the more distance a player gets off the tee. The Launcher XL is designed with a flexible face, but behind the hitting area, the front portion of the crown, the toe and the sole areas also flex as the ball hits the club.

According to Cleveland, the alternating layers of flexible and firm portions in the head help the Launcher XL drivers redirect more energy back into the shot.

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