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why is cryptocurrency falling › investing › cryptocurrency › why-is-bitcoins-price-falling. The factors impacting falling prices within the crypto market are driven by Federal Reserve policy, meaning the Fed's power to raise, pause or. Ethereum is trading at half of where it was one month ago, falling below the $1, price barrier that it has traded above since January of. CAJEROS DE BITCOIN

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With all its uncertainties and volatilities, crypto is considered as one of the most volatile instruments for investment purpose. While altcoins have historically underperformed Bitcoin, this time they have an added pressure of potential regulatory roadblocks. A report by CoinDesk quoted an expert as saying that only a small number of altcoins are likely to survive such market movements.

Shivam Thakral, CEO of crypto exchange BuyUcoin said that the rising food, gas, and energy prices are putting tremendous pressure on the crypto market as Bitcoin and Ether have witnessed double-digit losses in the past 24 hours. According to Darshan Bathija, CEO of crypto exchange Vauld, most investors worry that unless inflation numbers start dropping soon, the US Fed may have to tighten reigns by increasing interest rates at a faster pace than anticipated.

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why is cryptocurrency falling

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