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Highly professional and efficient team who understands the urgency of their client. We received our currency on their off day. Thank you so much. The exchange rate offered by them was The Best. So this would be of the similar margin profile as compared to our current product profile into Pharma?

Gogri — Vice Chairman and Managing Director Yes, margin profile will be better actually because these are low-volume high-value products that are being manufactured here. But the volume — value as such is smaller. And so the volume ramp-up, which you are paying in this quarter, so that has been primarily led by the first and second contract.

Apart from this, our own business growth would be flattish right, still we are operating at peak utilization levels? I know some — nitrotoluene volumes have been better, but the PDA volume is down. So some of the impact on product mix continuously happens because of the nitric acid.

Chetan, do you have the number, right? The PDA volumes were roughly around tons per month. Please go ahead Abhijit R. Akella — Kotak Securities — Analyst Just a couple of clarifications. One is, any — is it possible to break out the volume growth in 1Q, the total revenue growth? Abhijit R. Akella — Kotak Securities — Analyst Got it.

And also just capacity of the first long-term contract, sir, for the 2,5-dichlorophenol, if you could just tell us how much capacity we have set up right now. Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director Capacity is — was set up for about 9, tons. Please go ahead Pujan Shah — Congruence Advisers. So could we just touch upon that, that would be a great thing for me. So that will have a totally separate impact of leverage as the volumes get ramped up.

And new greenfield sites. Pujan Shah — Congruence Advisers. Please go ahead Rohit R. Nagraj — Emkay Global — Analyst Congrats on a good set of numbers. Rohit R. Nagraj — Emkay Global — Analyst Right. And apart from this, there will be organic growth for the other projects, which are where we are continuously investing based on the requirement and demand for capacity expansions?

Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director Correct. Nagraj — Emkay Global — Analyst Sir, second question on the nitric acid, the concentrated nitric acid project, so where are we currently? And when do we expect that this project probably will come to fruition given that we have faced this challenge from the past maybe three or four quarters?

So we already placed the order with the technology supplier. And right now, it is in a retail engineering phase and construction will start shortly. Sir, just one last question. So after these three long-term contracts, we have not seen any long-term similar kind of contracts.

So is there any kind of apprehension from the global players due to the volatility in the market? Or probably we are awaiting that our projects — the capex comes to commissioning and then probably will go in for some long-term arrangements? Any view on this? We have been having contracts around 4, 5, seven years earlier also. And certain contracts getting rolled over four, five times.

So these larger ones, which are getting into public domain. And we see the potential of this larger ones also going forward. The larger tenure and — yes. Unidentified Participant — — Analyst Okay. Export market is generally not that much impacted.

But hopefully, things should start getting better in the next two months. Unidentified Participant — — Analyst The next few months, you think, right? Because the cotton price also were very high — now cotton prices… Rajendra V. Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director [Indecipherable]. Unidentified Participant — — Analyst Sure. And that was a single digit for you as a contribution, correct, in revenue terms? And secondly, like how are we seeing the gross debt trending going forward?

I mean what would be the peak debt-to-equity ratio that you would be looking at? So if you have to go for a substantial investment in nitric acid plant, then the debt will move higher because we will continue with our other ongoing expansion. So it will depend on that. But in general, our target will be between around 0. So for this nitric said, how much capex do we envisage at the moment? But if you go for a weak nitric acid plant, we are just evaluating the project cost for that.

But that can be any additional maybe INR crore plus. So probably, we are also evaluating to set up WNA as a part of sourcing. Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director Yes, that is also under evaluation. So if you decide to do that, an additional PAT plus the capex will roll in. So any particular reason for such change?

That is the reason that it was changed. Unidentified Participant — — Analyst But sir, you have mentioned the absolute amount like 1. You kept the number same. So it will change the valuation, so that way. The benchmark number goes on changing.

So valuation will change accordingly. Please go ahead Unidentified Participant — — Analyst Sir, just wanted to understand a bit more on what the issues that you are facing on the nitric side. So is it the availability issue? Is it a pricing issue? Is it that the supplier is not able to ramp up their capacity? Then the demand is going to grow. On a medium-term basis, the second half, we see that some capacity in India will come up for nitric acid. So for the next two years, the nitric acid still remains to be an issue for us, right?

Unidentified Participant — — Analyst Sure, sir. And secondly, what percentage of our total spec-chem revenue will be the nitrotoluene change? Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director Nitrotoluene change you are saying? Unidentified Participant — — Analyst Rajendra V. That number will have to take out. So availability of — long-term availability of WNA, and what kind of pricing and whether or not to start from ammonia to WNA itself will make more sense.

So that we are trying to waive between the 2. But the cost-wise, once you have ammonia base, then you are on a par with everybody on ammonia base. That differentiation — we are just trying to see what is the best long-term strategy. Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director Okay, sir. And at this plant, assuming you go ahead with it, would be what — entirely for the captive consumption or you look to become — do a third-party supplies of WNA also?

Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director No, no, no. So how will — specifically in that, how is the contract one shaping up in terms of supplies? Whom are you supplying to? And what kind of visibility is there on it?

We are supplying to various domestic as well as export customers for that. But the qualification quantities have been given in the Q1. Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director Yes, yes, yes. Next question is from the line of Mr. Kumar from Spark Capital.

Please go ahead Unidentified Participant — — Analyst On your growth projects, which you have already mentioned about anywhere about INR3, crores to INR3, crores between Chemicals and Pharma and considering the current year capex of INR1, crores, wanted to understand broadly how many projects you have firmed up and construction or construction is likely to start next six months? So if you could just give a broad [Indecipherable] of the capex, how much has been firmed up? How much you still need to take a call and — basically if you could roughly give us an idea on this?

So if you say basically from September to this October to next June, this nine months, virtually, most of the expansion plans will go under construction. That is a typical construction cycle — you start from October to June because July, August, September has [Indecipherable] in general. So going forward from October onwards, we will have construction of various process blocks, which are at a different level of detail engineering and basic engineering.

At least some work will be done, and the restart construction will happen. Is that the right understanding? Unidentified Participant — — Analyst Got it, sir. So this year will be INR1, crores capex. And next year, can we take will be another INR1, crores of capex?

But over the combined two years, we are looking at INR3, crores. Got it, sir. And the previous quarter, it went up sharply. So just wanted to understand, because you have almost 2. And on the reversal also, should we expect anything in 2Q? Broadly, if you could touch upon this.

Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director Part of this inventory gain or loss just negated by some of these contracts or businesses are lagging in the pricing. So prices gets [Indecipherable] into the next quarter to the customer.

Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director No, no. We have a lot of other businesses, which are linked to the raw material rollover kind of a — U. But within India also something like two to three months. So the average pricing is same as the average pricing will be based on an average of one to two months based on which you will charge to the customers.

So that will… Rajendra V. Gogri — Chairman and Managing Director For exports, a lot of these businesses are like that. So exports generally to have two to three months lag take place. Unidentified Participant — — Analyst Understood, sir. And finally, just on the capex bit, how much have we spent until now out of the INR1, crores? Please go ahead Ranjit R. So if you can be a bit more detailed on that.

Ranjit R. And second again coming to the nitric acid. So how is the demand supply dynamics on the nitric acid globally? In India you have said that the demand has been rising and capacities are not coming up. How the situation that is there globally and on the back of the [Indecipherable]?

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Betting odds on the pga championship But looking at some challenges in terms of the demand side also on the higher side and all. Rajendra Gogri, who will take us through the performance, update on growth initiatives and outlook on the business. So, i chose them. Continue, as you normally would, to complete your due diligence on a company fundamental and technical checksbefore moving ahead with the investment decision. Gagan Cheema Awesome!
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