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Turned out I'm horrible at trading, but when it comes to crypto I learned that one There are many ways to financial independence and gambling on cryptos. Crypto Kang shares his views on crypto, financial freedom, and taking risks. It appears that nothing can stop the continuous growth of cryptocurrencies. AMERICA ON ``FIRE'': WILL THE CRYPTO FRENZY LEAD TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. AND EARLY RETIREMENT OR FINANCIAL RUIN?th Congress (). MONEY MAKING BETTING SYSTEMS

Half of the respondents are from Latin America, as both authors lived and worked in the region. Contributors spanned the globe, from Ankara to Caracas and New York. This report includes many women who are using cryptocurrency to support themselves, rather than merely speculating on Bitcoin or tokens. In addition to collecting user data and analyzing behavior patterns, during 2, hours of intimate interviews we asked these early adopters about their motivations and shared experiences.

We learned how this new technology is enabling women to become financially empowered and economically independent. Pioneers As pioneers in the cryptocurrency industry, these women are bringing their own chairs to the table, so to speak. They are, generally, committed to changing the status quo and seek financial independence.

Only two respondents had not completed secondary education, while a third participant had no formal education at all. For all of these participants, their blockchain literacy was propelled by self-directed and self-motivated learning.

These figures may be notably high because many of the participants work in the blockchain industry. It was crazy! I got a job and got paid in crypto so I had to learn very quickly. Likewise, a former trader and investment advisor named Juliana, from Brazil, said she was so excited about Bitcoin that she began offering and organizing online courses. This passion altered her travel habits and media diet.

The Army lost the medical records of ten years of my career. No tracking system. So, we usually go to old systems and keep them offline, not even connected to the Internet because if a hacker got in, we could be jeopardizing a lot of people. You lose a lot of information, and then you end up having soldiers wanting to kill themselves because they have to spend ten years telling the same story repeatedly because nobody believes it happened.

I see the limitations for women over here. As such, Nelly in Cameroon is building a decentralized wallet specifically for people in Francophone Africa. I am not able to save in dollars, so instead, I convert much of my salary to digital currencies. She mostly uses it as an investment vehicle, but sometimes learns how to manage it by practicing with small transactions.

An older lady said to me: I was brought up to pay my debts. Oh my God, this is shocking. I had never even had a library ticket or a traffic violation. These experiences inspired their interest in Bitcoin and other digital assets. In some cases, respondents from Argentina and Venezuela were numb to the exhaustion of managing chaos on a regular basis.

They were laser-focused on addressing what was under their direct control since they were used to instability and not relying on the government. She would often give me money to buy ice cream while I waited for her. One day, when I was 9 or 10 years old, the ice cream man said the price had gone up and I had to return to the office empty-handed. Even in politics, husbands decide for whom they should vote.

This is a really very bad situation. But it is changing with my generation. My journey down the rabbit hole happened fast. After reading a few books on crypto, I signed up for ETH India [her team won] and got my first job in blockchain.

What school did you go to? I hated it. Since I was very young, I knew it was important to have financial autonomy. Banks call to trap you. That is why I am launching a savings platform using blockchain. Cryptocurrency markets are volatile. Bitcoin is still an experiment. But most participants felt it was their right to access and choose such digital assets, knowing the risks.

For some investors, however, it may make sense to put even more into crypto. Higher allocations are generally for younger investors who really believe in the technology behind cryptocurrency, think it will be more widely adopted in the future and have time to wait.

This helps combat some of the price volatility. Instead, investing in cryptocurrencies should be viewed as another path towards financial independence that can help people beat inflation over time. Appeal to younger, more diverse investors Another benefit of cryptocurrency is that it has wider appeal to investors who have traditionally had trouble building long-term wealth, including people of color, women and those with lower incomes.

The people of color and those with lower incomes surveyed by NORC were also more likely to invest in cryptocurrency than stocks. In addition, the average age of crypto traders was 38, compared to 47 for those holding stocks.

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Your net worth is most likely negative. Lvl 1 Financial Solvency You can survive on your own without any help from parents, a credit card company or the state. You may still have a negative net worth, but your debts are not getting bigger since your income is greater than your expenses. Just in case of emergency. You may still have debts, but this emergency fund is more important.

What if your fridge suddenly breaks down? Investing is no emergency. Lvl 3 Debt Freedom This one is simple, but could take a long time. Pay off all your debts besides your mortgage. How do I do this? Figure out how much money you need to survive. No fancy trips, no new car. Just food, gas, rent, insurance and some clothing. You stake Hex, invest in your own business or buy some other promissing asset. You do this before you do anything else. Why not use it all to pay off my debts?

First of all, things can go fast in crypto. Hex did an 8x in the last 3 months even with the current correction. This goes into paying off your debts. You can use the so called debt snowball. Usually, people only expect to invest in such a sector that is monitored by the higher authorities but they also expect individual independence and control over their investments. Hence, this is the reason that people are drawn to investing in lands or gold etc.

They invest in such things which they know would bring them bigger and better stocks later in the future. However, through research, in the last ten years cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin has been proven to be the best asset investment. Bitcoin is such an asset which gives the owner full custody and control over their investment. The early investors of Bitcoin were able to make millions of dollars in profit, as a result of its increasing worth.

Bitcoin emerged as an independent entity, and it certainly granted the business community an escape from traditional complex investment methods. Though the decisions of crypto investment pass through financial institutions, it still gives the owner more responsibility. There are some set rules that all the investors must follow in order to have a safe and secure experience.

Bitcoin has been proven to be the most reliable platform which provides an investor complete independence disconnected to any financial institutions or banks. However, anyone who is investing in cryptocurrency should consider a few important factors. They should secure their crypto wallets by constantly changing passcodes, and should never share any sensitive information with anyone else.

Transactions through Bitcoin offer complete anonymity, thus, users should refrain from getting any unwanted attention to their investment. How to get financial independence through cryptocurrency? In order to get started, the first thing one must do is to get a hold of trustworthy crypto exchange.

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