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ethereal planets

This site is maintained by the Planetary Science Communications team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA's Science Mission Directorate. Discover short videos related to ethereal planet on TikTok. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #etherealplanet, #ethereal. Listen to Ethereal by Planet V, 17 Shazams. SINGULARITY CRYPTOCURRENCY PRICE

When we think of sun, we think more of sunlight and its connection with morning and life. The birds and bugs begin to awaken, stretching their wings and preparing to search for breakfast. Magpahi traces the mercurial nature of the first planet, taking flight on a soaring diva vocal while flute and guitar set a ceremonial tone. The piece ends in glides, like changing moods.

And then the Healey Vale Brass Band enters, and the centuries crumble beneath their feet. The ethereal effect is beguiling, approaching and receding like the tide. Embla Quickbeam wastes no time in breaking branches and starting a fire. Welcome to the pagan party! The track is a playful piece, as befits its pun. A print great for any room!

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Dos Brains - When Planets Align (Cinematic Ethereal Orchestral) ethereal planets


The Ethereal was unique among the many planes in that an individual could exist in two planes simultaneously: the Border Ethereal and the adjacent plane. When travelers crossed into the Border Ethereal, they and all their possessions were converted to their Ethereal equivalents—metal became ethereal metal, flesh became ethereal flesh, and so on [14] —allowing free movement in most cases in any direction through the solid matter of the adjacent plane.

However, not all in the adjacent plane was insubstantial. Living things larger than one-celled animals generated an aura that radiated around them and prevented passage to their interior, so an ethereal traveler could not place a weapon inside a living creature where it would materialize and cause damage. A jungle would be an extremely torturous maze to navigate; it would be much easier to float above the vegetation or pass below its roots.

Dense metals such as lead or gold also prevented passage of ethereal matter. And finally, some magic spells and alchemical mixtures could form an effective barrier. There was a sense of up and down but no real gravity existed. Objects released from possession would hover where they were dropped; it was impossible to fall in the Ethereal plane.

Each Inner plane and demiplane had a curtain with a unique color. The Prime Material plane's curtain was turquoise. For every ten hours spent in the Deep Ethereal only one hour passed on the other side of the curtain. Metabolic and other natural processes slowed down also, so it did not feel like ten hours, when you crossed back through a curtain into a Border Ethereal you were only an hour older and an hour hungrier.

Powerful wizards , technologists, or demigods could also bend the proto-matter to their will and create a demiplane. Most demiplanes eventually collapse into themselves and break up or merge with another Inner or Prime Material plane.

Unlike the Great Wheel version, you could pass through all solid objects, including living creatures, and you could hear the Material plane. There are a variety of creatures who now claim this plane as their home, drifting from countless other worlds and adapting to survive here. Other creatures will scour the ethereal matter looking for travelers, adventurers, and anything else as it hunts for food and treasure.

The creatures that can truly claim they are the natives of the Ethereal Plane are just as strange as the plane itself. Creatures like the Meme, a creature that resembles a humanoid under a bedsheet of strange phantasmal material, or the Tween, shadow creatures that latch onto living creatures and acts as a sort of second shadow to them, are all the strange types you might find hunting and haunting throughout the Ethereal Plane.

These creatures behave in strange ways, though they are mostly solitary which is good news for any traveler caught in an ambush by the natives. Atmosphere The Ethereal Plane has no atmosphere beyond the mist that fills every part of this plane. This strange mist is thought to be the bleed-off residue of materials from the planes it connects and is called the mists of creation; many theorize that the mist is not a distinct element but rather the possibility of an element.

This means, that all a creature must do is force the mist into an element, and it could transform into any element of that creature's choice, though no one has been able to do much with the material. Luckily, a creature can easily breathe in this atmosphere as if their mind and body are unconsciously able to transform the mist into whatever atmosphere they require to breathe.

A few of the more dedicated travelers and explorers of the Ethereal can turn the possibilities of this mist into actual sustenance, allowing them to subsist solely off of the mist they breathe, though many claim that they still feel the pangs of hunger.

Traits Travel to the Plane Traveling to the Ethereal Plane can be difficult for anyone without magic or enough wealth to buy magical items. The most common way of arriving in the Ethereal Plane is by casting etherealness or using a gate or plane shift spell to arrive in the plane. Magic items that allow for temporary travel in the Ethereal Plane are objects like the Oil of Etherealness or the Armor of Etherealness, once the item wears out of its magic, the user is immediately returned to the world they originated on.

Some travelers have claimed to have found portals to the Ethereal Plane, and that instead of the color pools, like those found on the Astral Plane, they resemble glimmering curtains of light similar to the strange lights that appear in the far northern or southern skies known as auroras. Creatures can walk in any direction they wish, walking through the ground or over walls.

While walking in the Border Ethereal, a creature sees a multi-colored fog that resembles their location in the adjacent plane and they can walk through and around any object they wish. If they were standing in the Material Plane in front of a castle, and then cast etherealness on themselves, they would be standing in that same spot but on the Ethereal Plane, they could then walk through the stone walls and up into the sky to spy on the royal family.

Every living creature gives off an aura into the Ethereal Plane that is impossible to pass through, extending about a foot from them. Dense metals, like gold or lead, also block passage through them, their composition too dense for a creature to flow through it. This allows people on their planes to protect important locations, like treasuries, from would-be thieves - though lining a substantial-sized room can be a very costly process. To travel from the Border Ethereal to the Deep Ethereal, a creature must will themselves to the Deep Ethereal and find the color curtain that will transport them into the Deep.

For travelers going through the Deep Ethereal, not only must they physically move through the mists, but they must also will themselves to their destination, picturing it in their mind. This is a long process that might require several days or hundreds of hours of walking to journey from a Border Ethereal bordering the Material World to a Border bordering the Plane of Fire.

If a creature decides to walk through the Deep Ethereal without a clear picture in their head of the destination, they will never find a way out of the Deep Ethereal and live out the rest of their days in its roiling mists. This material is thought to be reality, the material that creates the planes and makes ideas and laws of the universe real. This material is more than just an abstraction, but reality as those with the mind to do so can shape and collect this matter in the Ethereal Plane.

This material comes in three different forms: Ephemeral, Quintessential, and Stable. While the material is Ephemeral, it is light and fluffy like a snowflake and is easy to walk through and not even notice on your journeys. This material flows through the Ethereal Plane as if stirred up by a wind and can be compacted into the next form.

Quintessential feels like heavy, dense cork and is protomatter in a temporary state of physicalness. Quintessential can form quickly when too much Ephemeral matter sticks together or by a willful creature trying to produce a solid object out of matter, though this form is always temporary. Stable matter feels like metal sheathed in thin layers of leather and is stable for eons unless forced back into its previous states. While this Stable matter floats through the Ethereal Plane, it slowly gathers more and more matter, building larger and larger bergs of Stable matter.

Locations The Ethereal Plane is often compared to an ocean, its strange mists and fogs making it a strange and alien location. The Border, in this analogy, is the shallow waves on the beach while the Deep Ethereal is the deep ocean filled with strange and unique creatures.

Occasionally the ocean is broken up by islands, the demiplanes, that are created out of protomatter by an unknown force strong enough to create worlds in reality. To travel from one sandy shore to another always requires you to swim through the deep ocean, braving hidden dangers that lurk in the mists.

Border There is no single Border Ethereal, but rather almost every plane and demiplane that the Ethereal Plane touches, has its own Border. You can see the adjacent world while you reside on the Border, though objects and people are made up of multi-colored fogs and almost no sound can ever escape from the plane to the Border.

While you are on the Border Ethereal, you are completely invisible to those on the adjacent plane unless they have some magical means of seeing you. Spies and assassins use this ability to glean information, to bypass walls and guards, and to ambush their prey.

Depending on the plane you are bordering, the Border may see a lot of traffic, the Inner Planes see many genies moving through the Border and Deep Ethereal. Every Border can behave differently based on what plane you are bordering on, with every Border taking on traits that bleed over from the adjacent worlds. The Material Worlds are largely safe to visit, though visiting the Border of the Plane of Lightning might give you horrible shocks the longer you stay in it, whereas the Border of the Positive Energy Plane may fill you with so much life that you explode in radiant energy.

Deep While there are multiple Borders, there is only one Deep Ethereal where all travelers must journey through if they hope to reach another world. To arrive in the Deep Ethereal, you must leave the Border through a color curtain, similar to the color pools of the Astral Plane or cast a spell to immediately transport you here. These curtains appear to be glittering lights in different colors depending on where you are going to, and hover in the air, slowly moving as if by an unfelt wind.

While in the Deep Ethereal, visibility is severely limited and dangers unknown lurk in its mist-filled depths. There is no ground, though luckily a sort of gravity can be felt, allowing for groups to quickly orientate themselves with it. Traveling from one Border to another Border is a dangerous proposition and could take several hundred hours of moving towards your goal. Due to how long this takes, and that there is no natural sustenance to be found in the Deep, travelers must come prepared for travel that might take them over a month to finish.

Many claim that the Ethereal Plane is far more populated than the Astral Plane, though it can be difficult to tell due to the severely limited vision provided on the plane. For this reason, travelers are recommended to stick together in groups, no one should wander off on their own, and you should be on guard at all times. Strange creatures, with many of them never having been seen before, lurk in the thick mists.

Demiplanes While the Ethereal Plane is separated into two distinct locations, the Border Ethereal and the Deep Ethereal, there are also smaller locations known as Demiplanes that seem to have been created out of nowhere in the Ethereal Plane. Many believe that these demiplanes were created by massive clusters of Stable protomatter that grew so large that it created a demiplane in the Deep Ethereal, though others dispute such claims. Regardless of how they form, they are all different with their own realities.

Some demiplanes may be a massive writhing mass of worms, another may have severely powerful gravity, and another may even have two Border Ethereals. Every Demiplane twists and distorts reality, and many of them feature hidden dangers that swallow up travelers. The Black Abyss This demiplane is in a permanent state of decay and those who journey here are first met with a mass of stone. Moving through the Border allows a traveler to find caverns and tunnels until the Border abruptly jettisons a traveler out into the demiplane.

Following these tunnels and moving deeper into the plane, the rocks give way until explorers see bridges extending out into a void, at the very ends of these bridges, the rocks are crumbling away and slowly circling down into a black abyss far below. It is said that space and time are heavily distorted in this demiplane and that staying here too long can cause years to pass outside. No one knows what is in the abyss, and no one has ever returned.

Demiplane of Moil Long ago there was a city of immense wealth and glistening, marble structures. The citizens of this city had grown lustful of more wealth and more power and had made a deal with a dark force known as Orcus. Over time, the citizens realized that it was a mistake to follow the demon lord, and began turning to other powers to worship.

This angered Orcus and he forced the city into a magical slumber and mde it so that the only way to ever break this enchantment was for the sun to rise once again over the city, he then ripped the city from its Material World and threw it into the Deep Ethereal where there is no sun. Hundreds of years later, the city still exists as a demiplane in the Deep Ethereal, though the citizens are no longer sleeping.

Not long ago a powerful entity known as the Devourer arrived at the city and found the slumbering masses. The Devourer transformed the people into undead and forced them to build a massive fortification for it, destroying many of the undead in the process. Rumors persist that no one, once they step onto the demiplane, can ever leave it again.

Instead, they are ripped apart by the Devourer and its undead for pleasure and entertainment. These mazes are created in the Deep Ethereal by the Lady of Pain with a single, hidden exit out of it. Those trapped in the Mazes can spend lifetimes wandering the twisting corridors as punishment for going against the Lady of Pain, with only a handful ever actually finding the way out of them.

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