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carl f bucherer traveltec forex price

Carl F Bucherer presented the Heritage Tourbillon Double Peripheral: none. The Patravi TravelTec Color Edition is available in 4 colors. Another sporty watch is the GMT chronograph Patravi TravelTec Black, in deep matt black, What is the entry price at Carl F. Bucherer? Carl F. Bucherer's philosophy, founded on intelligent functions and Proidl and F.X. Pichler; prices begin at $10 and soar up to $65 for. PSAR INDICATOR FOREX SIGNAL

It comes with easy-open side panels that make upgrades easier. Acer Predator Orion comes with IceTunnel 2. In addition, gamers can maintain a dust-free system through its front mesh panel with dust filters. Core gamers will get connectivity options like Killer LAN high-speed Ethernet, cradles for audio headsets as well as a carry handle for portability. The desktop is also VR-ready.

The gaming desktop is cooled by a front-facing intake LED fan, mesh cover and rear exhaust for optimized airflow throughout the chassis. They are designed with armor-inspired housing and front-facing LED lighting that emits a red glow. For totally immersive entertainment or to transform the gaming experience into an eye-popping stereoscopic experience, just match the Nitro 50 desktop with an Acer Nitro VG0 or RG0 monitor.

The Nitro 50 desktop series will be available in Europe, the Middle East and Asia from May, and will start at euros. The Acer Nitro VG0 series is available with inch, Meanwhile, the ultra-thin Acer Nitro RG0 series boasts a sleek. Both desktops offer integrated 6-axis color adjustment lets gamers fine-tune color, hue and saturation to best suit the game at hand, while sporting IPS panels with wide angles of up to degrees.

Both laptops will be available in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia from later this month. While the Nitro RG0 starts at euros or approx Rs Has the St-Tropez collection becomeyour bestseller? In fact, this collection has been enormouslypopular since it was first createdalmost 30 years ago because it impressesall ages for different occasions.

I havebeen updating the collection for the last25 years, as with the St-Tropez Stylethis year. Do you want to focus more on femininethan masculine watches? Initially, the brand was perceived asbeing masculine because I promoted itaround the world myself. A few yearsago, my wife, Marie-Olga, asked me tocreate a unisex watch and today, thebrand appeals to both men and women. I also have two charm ambassadors —my wife and daughter — who promotethe female image and glamour of thebrand.

You have developed numerous partnershipsto establish the feminine image ofthe brand. Today, we have achieved a certain notorietythanks to the efforts of my wife,Marie-Olga, who manages the publicrelations in Europe. Does the Gran Celtica model appeal toyou in particular? Essentially, I am an enthusiastic racingcar driver and take to the racing circuitsseveral times a year. In addition to ourcarefully devised aesthetics, this watchis also truly unique thanks to its greatattention to detail.

It is a real pleasurefor me to create watches whichreflect me and combine my twopassions. You are particularly famous at an internationallevel so why do you continueto have a presence in Europe? It is precisely because we are a Swiss-Made brand with a French creator thatwe sell so well internationally. This is aguarantee of quality, good taste and reliability.

When it comesto Europe, we are pursuing distributionin Spain and Italy for in addition toopenings in France such as GaleriesLafayette with Royal Quartz. But wewould also love to open other Charriolboutiques in our own name and hope tofinalise this fantastic project over thecoming months.

The understated dial hasluminescent hands and indices for greatreadibility. The unidirectional rotatingbezel with an aluminium top ring isessential to calculate the dive time. Thewatch which is driven by a Swiss quartzmovement, is presented in a palette ofcolours that draws its inspiration fromnature — earthy rust, grass green, nightskynavy blue — in addition to essentialblack.

With its purist display and slim case, our newModel augments our series of the FrankfurtFinancial District Watch. Like all our timepiecesfrom this line, it offers the sophistication of a secondtime zone shown on an inner rotatable ring. And with a case measuring We are presenting limited-edition watch modelsto our clientele and are showing them the new timepieces in our collection.

They continuewith instrument-style watches and chronographs. The watch year will surely not be an easy one. The watch industry willundoubtedly feel the effects of many events involving global politics and changesin the values of currencies. In addition to the consistent pursuit of our businessstrategy, it will also be important to respond imaginatively to short-term changes onthe market.

Theminutes are static in the centre, whilethe hours revolve around the dial, followingthe sun and the moon around itsperimeter as they celebrate the passagebetween night and day. In fact, themoon appears when the sun sets andconsequently disappears.

To make theview of this mesmerising extravaganzapossible, Jouvenot developed a specialsapphire crystal to fit on the titaniumcase. The whole thing is powered by amanually wound movement developedby Jouvenot with a power reserve of 50hours and whose screw balance is unusuallycrafted in black gold. All components,including the movement, case,and clasp, are percent Swiss Made.

Israeli creator Itay Noy F33 debuts his Part Time collection, whichcontain a dynamic in-house dial outfittedwith various windows, each of whichdisplays a partial indication of someType 23 GMT, Dodane. While theleft half of the dial reveals the daytimehours from 6 am to 6 pm, the right halfis hidden and vice versa. They switchroles every twelve hours. This watch is water-resistantto metres, and manages that exceptionaldepth without gaskets whichmeans they do not need to be replaced.

Alongside the Planet watch winder,Bernard Favre F41 is presenting theMicros Cube, a loupe that is available ingrey, red, green, and blue and comeswith a leather box. Since , Dodane hasbeen an official supplier to military aviation,fighter squadrons, civilian aviation,and international organisations, includingNATO. The latter comes in a Outfitted with the unique Oculusdial covering, which can be manuallyopened and closed by the wearer, it tookits inspiration from a Leica camera.

They can alsowatch the movemen, which consists of24 wheels rotating steadily, with onlythe anchor wheels moving regularly withthe pendulum. As its name suggests, Time Machineis not a clock in the ordinary sense of theword. The Time Machine is a visualand auditory experience for reflecting onthe passage of time, something we do lessand less in a hectic world. The pendulummeasures almost two metres in length. What truly distinguishes the TimeMachine from a conventional clock, however,is that its gears turn in a non-linearway, that is, their motion is not determinedby the rigid mechanism that holdsclocks to a constant, steady page.

How was for the MorellatoGroup? Massimo Carraro: It was a year of importantnew events, including some partnershipsfor international distributions. But I want to stress two important newwatch licences. The first is Pepe JeansLondon, an iconic denim fashion brandvery popular in Europe and expandingworldwide. It gives us access to theyounger market.

The other is with Trussardi, the Italianfashion house known for tradition andcraftsmanship. Baselworld is theinternational debut of the first collectionof Trussardi watches by Morellato Group. We are extremely proud of this. In your view, what are some importanttrends in watchmaking? These include metal finishesand processes to treat leathers.

This is especially true for watchbrands with a history, such as our Sectorand Philip Watch brands. Other newer trends revolve aroundcolour. Innovation, quality and style in watchmakingare increasingly in demand inboth new and traditional markets, andby the younger, informed consumerswho want products with these values.

Our Group has a powerful internationalpresence, so we look to foreignmarkets with great interest. Business also can be boosted by usinge-commerce to penetrate key markets. In China, we have used the AlibabaGroup for this for over two years. What else is Morellato Group debutingat Baselworld? Philip Watch has important news in itsCaribe collection: the new Caribe Converter.

It has a unit-of-measure converterwith a simple bezel rotation. Here, we meet our existing partners and cultivate new contacts. But Baselis much more. Our collection is based on the classical wristwatch, often with a special extra, andembodying an outstanding cost-benefit ratio. The Edge Roman truly deservesits name because this watchcomes in a rounded square,mm case made of stainless steel andPVD.

The tidy dial boasts attractivesunray decoration and generously proportionednumerals. The Swiss quartzmovement inside the case animates thehands for the hours, minutes and seconds. Equipped with a sapphire crystal,this sportily elegant newcomerstays water-resistant to metres. Similarly classical styling is embodiedby the Urban Vintage. As the nameimplies, it translates fine retro designto the wrist.

The stainless steel and yellowgold case surrounds a pale dial with adate display. Among them is an allnewCanteen Collection of bold chronographs. The Canteen Chrono editionsfeature a tachymeter bezel and are poweredby the calibre 6S20 movement withthree sub dials. The Automatic executionshave a hammered bezel and hammeredmid-pieces on the bracelet for amatching look.

Acommitment to designingand producing fine timepiecesis no longer enough,you have to be committedto your customers as well. In a more pragmaticsense, it enables us to showcaseour products in the kind of highlyknowledgeable environment that enablesattendees to see and experienceour offerings and compare them to otherbrands in our class. What is the company record that youare most proud of? Thanks to our tourbillons we were essentiallythe first company to introduce theworld to the level of timepiece craftsman-ship available in the Far East.

What rules does the company thrive on? Conventional wisdom produces conventionalresults. Conventional wisdom also insisted thattrue quality was only possible in certainparts of the world — that it was aboutlegacy and history versus understandingthat a true commitment to excellencecannot be constrained by geography. Most optimistically. This is a generationwhose passions come from understandingat a more organic, authentic level.

Do you have a specific motto that youdo business by? Fourmodels with bold leather wristbands ora green textile strap are available asthree-handed watches or as chronographs. The successful Date series with itsunique circular date indication degrees has therefore been expanded toinclude two new versions. ModelIQ66Q has a cool anthracite case anda timeless Milanaise steel bracelet, ananthracite dial and seconds hand in contrastingyellow.

Model IQ69Q standsout with the titanium-coloured dial and ablue seconds hand. All models have astainless-steel case with a diameter of 42millimetres and are water-resistant to 50metres. The mineral glass is slightlydomed. Also new are the models in the series, featuring strikingly styledleather straps with a side finish andstitching in the same colour grey,blue or orange to be found onthe dial.

The watches are waterproofup to 30 metres and have astainless steel case with a diameterof 42 mm. Alfred Riedl, founder ofJacques Lemans, and hiswife Andrea. Jacques Lemans gave itself a special birthday present in advance of its 40th anniversary. Two megastars from two different disciplines became our brand ambassadors:Oscar winner and Hollywood legend Kevin Costner in , followed by skistar Anna Fenninger in Our new La Passion collection is totally in harmony with Fenninger. Wild Life is itscentral theme, uniting strong commitment and an equally strong statement in a gorgeouscollection of timepieces.

Her success as a ski racer, her passion for the sport, her ambition and her precision:these qualities have also been central themes at Jacques Lemans for many years. This collection is masculine and sporty, with classical elements. The watches combine understatement, sportinessand classicism.

Incidentally: Kevin Costner has a starring role in his latestmovie, and Jacques Lemans is featured in the film. Ourbiggest market continues to be our localone, Brazil, but this year we look forwardto focus on the U. Baselworld is a keypillar in our international strategy, dueto its unique potential to communicatedirectly with the most important watchdistributors all over the world.

What can you tell about the innovations? With the introduction of theSchwarzenegger watch, we bring aunique design to the global watch world. Our other celebrity cooperation is withthe Brazilian soccer player Neymar, theyoungest soccer star, captain of the Brazilianteam and player of the Barcelonastars team. The Neymar watch also has a uniquedesign and is supported by our leadingbrand, Champion, which, due to its naming,has a totally synergy with Neymar. All the watches are Swiss-Made, withsapphire glass and the best quality materialsavailable on the market.

Jack Magid,Director of Magnum. What principles define the brand? Quality, affordability and accessibility. The launch of the Champion interchangeablewatch, which sold more thanfive million pieces in three years. Locally, weemploy more than people.

Why were Arnold Schwarzenegger andNeymar chosen to represent the brand? Neymar is an iconic Brazilian superstarwho is conquering the world with hismagic on the field. With his youngtrendsetting personality, he is the perfectmatch for Champion. With almost16 million followers on Instagram,Neymar decided to come up with hisown watch and has chosen Championand Magnum Group to make it happen.

As a global celebrity and beloved inmany countries, we expect Neymar tobe a driving force from a sell-out standpointfor our distributors and retailers. How about Schwarzenegger? The Arnold Schwarzenegger project,which has been two years in the making,has been an amazing challenge.

Do you have a motto for your business? It is quite simple: Doing the best wecan every day. Diverse functions make itan ideal companion for many varieties ofoutdoor sports such as hiking, climbing ormountain biking. Though its styling lookssimple at first glance, closer scrutiny discoversa well-thought-out play of colours.

The tidy digital display in black andwhite lets the user speedily read all of theimportant information. As usual, the new Pro Trek alsoincludes other functions. It can receiveradio broadcasts in the EU, the U. Tough Solar technology keepsthis wristwatch independent of the electricalgrid for up to 23 months. The caseis watertight to metres. The creative Italian luxury watchbrand, founded in , is debutingseveral exciting timepiec-Tes at Baselworld , staying true to itsroots.

The Manuale Cristal 48MM is its firstwith a hand-wound skeletonized move-ment. To allow for viewing the movementit is outfitted with a pane of sapphire inthe case back. The Manuale Chrono 48MM has twochrono buttons on either side of the casewhich lends it an edgy design.

Insideticks a Swiss quartz movement. The rubberband completes the sporty look. Thenew Lady Sport provides a touch of glamourfor any occasion. The Momodesign StyleCentre created the timepiece in thes. The minimalist creation featureda thin black and white disc, with fourdots on the dial and two hands.

The new Essential lines are a moderninterpretation of the original. Bothare made in Italy, use a Swiss-Mademovement, feature an anti-glare sapphirecrystal, minimalist styling and arewater-resistant to 50 metres. The timepieceis available with a black or whitedial, coordinated with a brown or blackleather strap with contrasting stitching. Essential Sport combines elegantdesign with a sporty touch and is availablein different versions.

Those whowant a more classic look can choose dialslight or dark gray, with tone-on-tonedetails. Those seeking a sporty-chic lookcan opt for black or blue dials with colourfuldetails. Its mm stainless steelcase comes with black or ruthenium PVDtreatment, on a genuine leather strap. All rights reserved. Itwas revived in , and now specialisesin rare, limited high-precision tableclocks and marine chronometers. It alsoincludes a jumping time zone displayon the dial characterised by an off-centredisplay of hours, minutes, and seconds.

The dial presents the same combinationof woods that the case doesalongside a fine grainage. The windingand setting mechanisms are placeddirectly within the bezel, which has alever on top that also serves as the startand stop system. The case is equally refined andimpressive at mm in diameter and mm in height. It is equipped withthe double gimbal suspension that hasalways visually distinguished marinechronometers from other timekeepers.

This particular example is a fusionbetween advanced machining and thevery best of cabinetry with its asymmetricbody of stainless steel adorned with fine,high-gloss Ziricote and Santos rosewoodinlay and rock crystal. Palace, 1DObservatory, Thomas Mercer. Memoris,Louis Moinet. Todaythe vintage Angelus name continues tobe associated primarily with stopwatchespowered by its own calibres. By — despite new ideas and concepts —Angelus had fallen victim to the quartzcrisis.

An oversized oneminutetourbillon is visible ina second window, thus sharingthe spotlight with thetime display. Louis Moinet CEO and CreativeDirector Jean-MarieSchaller made a historicannouncement just beforeBaselworld opened itsdoors, one that was backed up by an elitepanel of noted historians in the watchindustry: it had come to light that NicolasRieussec was not theinventor of the chronograph, an acceptedfact from up to that point.

Instead,a historical artefact now uncoveredshowed that Louis Moinet not onlyinvented the chronograph, but was probablythe first to successfully dabble invery high frequencies. Schaller was able to acquire it and haveexperts put it into working order, at whichpoint the enormity of the find becamehighly visible. The chronograph — rooted in theGreek words chronos time and graphein to write — is the most popular complicationin watchmaking today, and its inventionhas allowed us to time all kinds ofevents throughout history.

Two years later, in , perfectlytimed to fall between the tenth anniversaryof the modern boutique brand andthe bicentennial of the original piece,Louis Moinet has finally introduced atimepiece that pays homage to the compteur de tierces. Called the Memoris,it too places emphasis on the chronographfunction rather than the time-tellingfunction. It retains its independent characterto this day.

The Memoris is availablein white or rose gold in a limited edition ofjust 60 pieces each. Demand for highqualitycultured pearls isconsiderable and prices are rising. According to experts,the pearl jewelleryshare of overall jewellerysales in stoodat around 2.

Chinese consumersin particularare buying all that isgood and expensive onthe market. Good tovery good qualities arescarcely available ataffordable prices insome sizes. Only forcommercial qualities isthere currently sufficientsupply on theglobal market, which iswhy prices here haverisen only moderately. According to estimates,overall sales of salt water pearlsin stood at around million USdollars.

Of this million dollars wereaccounted for by Akoyas, million bywhite South Sea pearls and 94 millionby black South Sea pearls. This is joinedby the field of freshwater pearls, still ahigh-volume business. China producesover one billion freshwater pearls a yearand dominates this segment. However,over the last three years, production inthe Middle Kingdom has fallen by 30percent and continues to drop.

Onereason for this is that the Chinese governmenthas limited the areas in whichpearl farms can operate. Prices remain at80 percent of the pre-crisis year however, despite the fact that costs ofproduction, in particular wages, haveThe prices for South Sea pearls have explodedin the past four years.

For white South Sea pearlstraders report price increases of 30 to 40 percent,in some cases even percent. There is particulardemand for seeded Chinese freshwaterpearls, as these meet the demand forperfectly round pearls, including largersizes. Within the next two years morethan half of the pearls on offer will beseeded. With a market share of 80 percent,Japan is the largest producer of saltwater pearls.

Tahiti holds a market shareof 95 percent for black South Sea pearls,producing 11 to 12 tonnes per year. Here, too, the following applies: thehigher the quality, the greater the jumpin prices. In Tahiti a shortage of pearlssized 8 to 9 mm led to an increase inprices. The dark beauties of 15 mm andabove are now very difficult to get holdof in good quality. And yet the pearlfarmers are still notcompletely over thecrisis. Farming hasbecome considerablymore expensive, withyields falling in somecases.

Demand fromEurope and the US inparticular has also notyet regained the precrisislevels. Productionvolumes wereonly adjusted to thealtered circumstanceswith a significant timedelay, resulting in asurplus on the worldmarket in recent years. As a consequence,goods were sometimessold below their cost ofproduction.

The strong demand fromChina was unable to wholly compensatethe falls in the traditional sales markets. Now the stocks have been reduced andcultivation adjusted to the altered salessituation. Experts expect that the pendulumwill shift in the other directionand that the next three years will seenot enough produced to satisfy demand.

The prices for South Sea pearls haveexploded in the past four years. Forwhite South Sea pearls, traders reportprice increases of 30 to 40 percent, inPearl farm worker inspects oysters under water in Fiji. Here, too,the booming demand from Asia in combinationwith a fall in pearl productionin the past three years is the cause ofthe structural deficit.

Overall, thismakes the jewel of the seas a little rarer. This could also stimulate demand forthe jewellery box classics here. The gross sales of thecompany broke the 9 billion franc barrierin for the first time, an increaseof 4. Inaddition, 3 percent growth in net saleswas also achieved, at 8.

In the watch and jewellery segment,gross sales grew by 5. Last year Swatch createdover 2, new jobs, of which werein Switzerland. In the second half of the luxury goods giant investedmore in marketing than ever in thegrowth markets of the U. This led to a fall of over 3 percentagepoints in the operating margin. The consequence — group profitsfell to 1. After a strongDecember calculated in Swissfrancs, began in a highly-promisingmanner with an excellent January. TheSwatch Group aims to continue its longtermstrategy of investing in innovations,machines, distribution and itsemployees, as well as further expandingits Swiss production operations.

The group is in an excellent positionwith 20 brands, its own productionand a worldwide sales network. Marketinginvestments and costs of distributionin foreign currencies — or companiessuch as Harry Winston in the U. In addition, a number of brands ofthe group are reacting in individual marketswith price adjustments of between 5and 7 percent, which is also partially balancingout the currency situation.

Thenumber of patents registered by theSwatch Group reached a new record levelagain in , which will also be reflectedin numerous innovative product launchesin all segments in NEWSCross-channel services are appreciatedby many end consumers. However, theiractual buying behaviour remains belowexpectations. These are the findings of anew study conducted by IBM in 19 countriesaround the world.

This shows thatconsiderable potential still remains fortraders to fulfil customer expectationsand generate more sales. Customers alsohave specific requests for bricks and mortarretail - e. Customers want to see if a productis available. This is at the top of the wishlist. Comparedto the previous year, this percentagerose by six points. In addition, 44percent of customers wish to be addressedin the shop where necessary.

For 41 percentit is important for staff to be able tooffer personalised offers on the basis oftheir shopping history. Last year this wasjust 36 percent. Indian gem and jewellery exporters,who face a challenging yearin due to a gloomy economicoutlook in key markets,see Baselworld as a major opportunityto capture new business.

India has risen to prominence inmanufacturing and processing diamondsby developing skills over generationsand by using the latest technologies atstate-of-the-art factories, and beingdynamic in sales. Diamonds accountfor These key markets are facing turbulenttimes due to a combination of challengingeconomic factors.

Indian gemand jewellery exports have been hit bythe impact of the recent drop in oilprices, as Middle Eastern buyers arenow more cautious. Indian exportershave not been able to take advantage ofthe weak rupee against the dollar,because of weak demand in internationalmarkets. He says he is pinninghis hopes on achieving good results forthe India Pavilion, presenting elevenmanufacturers at Baselworld.

With aMillions of U. TarunDiamonds Pvt. Ltd 3. Jewelleryexhibitors can be found in Hall2. In the domesticIndian market, demand linked to thewedding seasons for gems and jewellery,notably carat yellow gold, was firm. Jewellers, however, have complainedabout a gold import duty at a record highof 10 percent. Indiansbuy an average of 2. The previous government hadraised the duty in to try to controla ballooning current account deficit, butthe high duty had encouraged goldsmuggling, jewellers said.

The WorldGold Council estimates that tonnesof gold were smuggled into the countrylast year. Earlier this month, Indian jewellersthreatened to go on strike over agovernment plan that would require18,,,,,,,,,customers to quote their tax code formajor purchases. India is pinning its hopes for itsfuture success in exporting gems andjewellery on the skills of its designers.

Eventhough fancy, intense and vivid coloureddiamonds held his heart, he also had apassion for emeralds, rubies andsapphires. Harry Winston was indeed a man ofmany brilliant facets much like the raregemstones and precious jewels he hadthe good fortune to build his life andcompany around. As the son of a small jewellery shopowner, Harry Winston was introduced tojewellery from a very early age, andquickly began to demonstrate a naturaleye and strong sense of intuition forevaluating the quality and potential ofgemstones.

At the age of 12 years, hespotted a 2-carat emerald at a local pawnshop, amidst a tray of junk jewellery. Knowing what he had found, HarryWinston purchased what the shop ownerNecklace wizh Often purchased as roughstones, in the hands of Harry Winstonthese incredible stones were transformedinto legendary gems.

Thegemstones, rather than metal woulddictate the design, and this timelessaesthetic remains one of the cornerstonesthat inspire all Harry Winstondesigns today. At Baselworld, a magnificent jewelleryset of emeralds is shown to demon-Ring with 5. Set in platinum and 18 karat gold,surrounded by pear, round and marquise-cutdiamonds are some exquisiteColombian emerald-cut emeralds, onlyminorly enhanced.

CreativeDirector Nathalie Colin revealswhat customers can already lookforward to. Today they are sure to jazzup any outfit. In Hall 4. U, manufacturersoffer a wide variety of the latestupdates. BWDN: What principles define thebrand? The theatre combinesvarious types of art — music, drama,painting, architecture and sculpture —which creates a unique atmosphere, inwhich our jewellery pieces play theirparts.

There are more billionaires in the worldtoday than ever before. What was onceconsidered the divine right of kings andemperors is now becoming quite commonplace. With the invention of theInternet, we get overwhelmed with somuch information on a daily basis, thatwe have become desensitised to thingsthat might have one day appeared aswildly extravagant to us.

How do you set your favourite gemstones? Naturally shaped baroque tanzanitepieces are probably our favourite. Wepride ourselves on being able to makebig precious stones look delicate anddainty. This invention is the result of lengthyresearch into balancing asymmetricalshapes. No Jewellery Theatre ring issymmetrical — but yet they are all perfectlybalanced. What rules does the company thrive by? As a commitment to fine art, we workonly with precious stones and metals ofthe highest quality.

This allows us tocreate investment-grade pieces whichwill never go out of style. In your opinion, what is an iconicdesign of Jewellery Theatre? The unique aspect of our brand is theoriginality of our designs, which differvastly not only from our colleagues, butalso from one collection to the next. One of our most iconic pieces is thePolar Bear pendant from our Animalscollection. In your opinion, what is good design?

Practically speaking, there is good commercialdesign, which provides highsales figures and good technologicaldesign, which ensures ease of production. When it comes to fine jewellerythough, good design must differentiateyou from your competitors and create anemotional response from your audience.

This ischaracterised by floral gardenmotifs. Is nature an endlesssource of inspiration? For the winter collection wehave two main directions: one is verymodern, urban and sleek — it is a kind ofa frozen garden style. The other line hasa vintage twist and a rather decorativeand ornamental angle. It is mainlyinspired by English manors. How does this influence the colourscheme?

Violet, berry tones, purple — all thesecolours are mixed together. Rose gold isalso featured strongly, you can find it inboth interpretations. One is more rosegold with clear crystal and the otherone combines rose gold and black jetstones. What type of jewellery do you consideras the must-have of the coming season?

Concerning necklaces we are pretty surethat jewellery will follow the trend inapparel where you can see a lot of roundnecklines. So I believe very much inround necklaces, whether they are rathersmall and simple or big and very rich. Interesting enough: the round necklaceused to be a very classical piece of jewelleryand now it is all hype! We read a lot about bangles making acomeback. Do you see that happening? Last year we already had astrong focus on a styling trend calledbangle-mania. And this trend is definitelycontinuing.

We have a lot ofmetallic bracelets in various widths andforms, which can be combined with oneanother. For me it is important that there is a linkbetween jewellery and watches, theyhave to tell the same design story. Swarovski has long regarded its watchesas more of a fashion accessory than atimepiece and we will also be present-Nathalie Colin, Creative Director of Swarovski. Is the co-operationbetween Swarovski andinternational designersalso a story that is set tobe continued?

Yes, the Atelier Swarovski, managed byNadja Swarovski, is a continuing platform. Every season she invites internationaldesigners to work with the company. One of the collaborations for theupcoming winter season is with theBritish designer Shaune Leane.

Formany years he has been designing forAlexander McQueen — his jewelleryalways has this rock attitude. I think itis fantastic. Are there still markets that are not thatdeveloped regarding the Swarovskibrand? First of all: Swarovski is represented allaround the world, in over countrieson all five continents. But there areregions where we think we can groweven more.

For example Russia or India,which has a very long tradition of jewellerybut maybe a more recent traditionof fashion jewellery. This gives us a goodchance to come up with something verydifferent. Baselworld offers us opportunitiesfor many stimulating discussionswith international leads. Together with hercreative partner Andreas Lehmann,Schmedding is one of three Germanswho are presenting their work in thedesign pavilion.

The kinetic, purist, straight-linedpieces of jewellery that these two partnersare showing at Baselworld werecreated in collaboration with BarbaraSchulte-Hengesbach, who is both abusiness associate and a familyrelative of Lehmannand Schmedding. Thedesigner CorinnaHeller is likewiseexhibiting in Basel forthe first time. She isshowing jewellery that isstrongly influenced by symbolssuch as hearts and crosses.

Colourful rings made ofplastic cords and set withpearls by Monika Seitter. After arrangingto have coloured plastic cords developedespecially for her, she now usesthese cords as ring bands, which sheembellishes with gold settings contain-ing gemstones, diamonds or pearls.

What is itsunderlying idea? A tremendous trove of differentgems and components from all over theBritish Empire and the New World, italso includes all kinds of techniquesthat are still used today. How did that discovery affect thedesign of the pieces of jewellery?

So thedesign is very much about somethingthat has spilled out. The pieces arequite deconstructed and do not have avery symmetrical look. I used a lot ofexotic gemstones and different materials— you could have found nearly all ofthem in the Cheapside Hoard. What isreally interesting, though, is that theMuseum of London, which showed theexhibition last year, is going to show mycollection in the autumn. That will bevery exciting for me!

What meaning does gold have for you? I have been a jeweller for 38 years nowand I have worked with gold my wholelife. So, in some way, the Gold Struckcollection is also a reference to my ownhistory as jeweller for 38 years. Gold Struck is my versionof that. With which gold do you most like towork and which gold is most stronglyin demand? For me, karat yellow gold is the bestgold. I think people right now haverediscovered that gold can be either rosegold, yellow gold or white gold.

Formany years, white gold was everything. In the s and s, I was makingeverything in yellow gold — and a fewpieces in rose gold. I personally made arose-gold ring for Elizabeth Taylor in So, I have always used colouredgold alloys, but you always have to gowith the demand a bit. Now, it has allchanged again. People used to think yellowgold was old-fashioned. Now theylook at it as being more casualand less formal.

I am totallyfor that. I love yellow gold withcoloured stones. What about your silver collection? Our silver collection has always beenvery well received. But now we do acapsule silver collection, which means Ionly design eight to ten pieces a year,pieces that you really want to go for. Ina way, I like the democracy of silver andI am sure that if you do it right, you canreally have fun with it because it is notso valuable.

If I did with gold what I dowith silver, the pieces would be veryexpensive because of their large volume. A typical day is spent running from one meeting to the next — reviewing what wehave done in the last year and discussing plans for the coming year. A lot of jewellers are using invisible setting. This is a new trend. And I see otherjewellery with cost-effective designs. As for timepieces, watchmakers are beingmore creative, showcasing not only new designs but the stories that go behindthem.

After all, time is what you make of it. I like the buzz and rush when I see newproducts and ideas. The most interestingconcepts in our industryare launched at this show. Our companyhas been attending the show since itsincorporation and we have never misseda single Baselworld in all these years.

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar, Chairman ofAsia Jewellers, Kingdom of BahrainFounded over more than 50 years ago, AsiaJewellers is one of the largest jewellery andwatch trading groups in Bahrain and theregion today. It carries over 60 famous brandsin 7 locations spread around the Kingdom. Ricardo Renai: In Florence, we fashionleaders walk a tightrope: renewing withoutlosing our roots. Being a jewellerin Florence is rewarding but demanding. Our story is simple and touching.

Thecompany was founded in , but thefamily jewellery tradition dates back to, so five generations. My mother,Annamaria, was a successful youngpainter when she met my father andmarried into the world of gems. In theRiccardo Renai, son of Annamaria Cammilli. Wehave learned a lot from her. First of all,Premierecollection in white goldand diamonds.

And when did you enter the stage? Sorenewing without losing our roots, a bitlike driving with the handbrake on. It wascomplex but the results, in terms ofrepute and numbers, encourage us tocontinue, creating jewellery that combinesintrinsic, aesthetic and symbolicvalues. A fusion showcased by the Volterraalabaster casket in which we presentour pieces, described in a small book inseven languages. In this small box is adesign item in gold and diamonds, conceivedand made in Florence by the bestItalian goldsmiths.

The idea is a simple one:when a magazine presentsthe reader with the latestfashions and style recommendationseach month,then completing the theme by creatinga range of accessories seems to makesense. The philosophy is tointegrate catwalk fashions into theeveryday wardrobes of modern womenso that they can express their own personalstyles and tastes and yet still feelat ease. This is also the fundamental ideabehind Elle jewellery.

And we understand the needs ofwomen who face the question of what toElle Creative Director, Olivier Assouline. The jewellery is made from sterlingsilver. Resin, agate and onyx are alsoused. The designs are clear and somewhatpuristic. They should be the icingon the cake of any wardrobe and even atalking point. Clear graphical forms shapefashion and therefore the femalesilhouette.

It is undoubtedly areflection of the economic situation. Black-white is the colour trendwhich results from this. The jewelleryis designed in such a way thatit fits with a look that could alsobe defined by one of the Elleeditors. Elle jewellery is thereforealways a fashion statementon the part of the wearer. Therange extends from rock chic tovery feminine filigree items.

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Tribune News Service Chandigarh, November 12 Leading tractor manufacturer, Mahindra and Mahindra is now focused on expanding its new business vertical of creating farm mechanisation solutions.

Rollover 401k to bitcoin In addition, design changes aresimpler to implement. Our companyhas been attending the show since itsincorporation and we have never misseda single Baselworld in all these years. The exclusiveraw materials used atthe Henn company arebecoming increasingly rare. Usually,more than a few cocktail rings willbe seen on the fingers of Hollywoodcelebrities at award shows, because ofthe ease with which an elegant, abstractcocktail ring can be paired with clothes,so much easier than finding the rightnecklace. However, for us as a mid-range brand, this reason is irrelevant as we have rolling plans for our new products. And we understand the needs ofwomen who face the question of what toElle Creative Director, Olivier Assouline.
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Diffee crypto currency There are a lot of very high quality genuine mechanical watches available at very reasonable prices, and very attractive genuine quartz watches if you're simply looking for a good watch and "wrist presence". Acer Predator Helios gaming laptop, Orion desktops and Nitro 50 series launched Acer Predator Helios gaming laptop, Orion desktops and Nitro 50 series launched Acer has launched two new gaming laptops and introduced a desktop gaming series under its flagship Predator lineup. Under private ownership we have now been in the black for the seventh year in succession. C Consolidating our network is our num- ber one priority forwith goal of establishing our presence firmly on the different continents. The success story continues here withthe new Rock it collection from topmodel Marcus Schenkenberg. That iswhy it is a real pleasure to welcomeexhibitors and visitors alike to Baselworld!
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