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Apr 25, · By definition, a donk bet is leading into the aggressor in the hand from out of position (OOP). This goes for any street. When is it okay to "donk bet" in PLO? Right now, I will often donk bet strong, but vulnerable hands like sets on draw heavy flops. When opponents lead for very small sized bets relative to the pot, keep in mind that the small bet sizing gives you the opportunity to make. FALLOUT 76 SEARCH CRYPTOS

Of course, you also have to figure out if and how the river card changes the hand dynamics. Therefore, someone checking the turn and bombing the river can also mean they backed into the nut straight, for example, or rivered the second-best set.

Both of these hands are well concealed and more than good enough to merit a value bet given the action. The bottom line is that it is impossible to come up with a magical formula that would give you a simple answer on every river card. Even if you make an incorrect decision, the process of going through the hand will benefit your game in the long run. Playing vs. Certain boards are much more favorable for the big blind caller, and solid players are aware of this. In these scenarios, you can sometimes take the initiative on the turn and win the pot even if you failed to connect with the board.

None of these cards is likely to help them after they decide to check through to the turn. However, following the same logic, you can start barreling on the turn if it comes a high card like an Ace or a King as they will likely feel they need to continue when they pair up after giving up the flop initiative. Donk Betting One final segment we want to cover in the first section of this article is donk betting, i. With PLO though, you can expand your strategy to include some out of position leads.

Some of the best examples that come to mind are ones where you flop a strong draw like a wrap on a small board. If you suspect your opponent will check back on a board like this, you can bet yourself. This will prevent your opponents from blowing you off the hand with a big raise or floating you in position to see what you do on the turn.

When you do have position on your opponent, things tend to become much easier. The goal of calling in position is mainly twofold: Try to flop a big hand and win a big pot Win the pot by bluffing when the opponent gives up The first part is quite clear. These hands also have the added benefit of giving you a chance to take over the initiative on the flop or the turn, often forcing your opponent to fold.

If they decide to continuation bet, you can easily raise the pot and put them to the test. Once the original raiser decides to check on the turn, you can take over the initiative and start betting. As you can see, playing as a caller in position is much easier than playing without position because you will have much more information to work with. The bulk of our discussion will focus on playing 3-bet pots in position, i.

As for out of position play, you should keep things pretty straightforward. Stick to hands with really good playability, and only proceed when you connect with the flop well. If not, check-folding is usually the best way forward. You may want to fold your weakest hands on the button if you have a really wide opening range, but other than that, your odds combined with your positional advantage make calling almost mandatory in these spots.

A Typical 3-Betting Range in Small-Stakes PLO You can also add some occasional bluffs into the mix and a few more suited and connected hands, but in general, 3-betting ranges are going to be pretty tight. And there is only one correct answer here. It comes from our ability to play a game where our skills are better than those of our opponents.

And this means that we should be willing to push the game into territories where Villain feels uncomfortable. Additionally, from a theoretical point of view, a donk betting range is not forbidden. Actually, is a lot better than a zero donking range in some cases. Because still they lack of accuracy. They can or cannot be true under certain conditions.

Everyone knows everything, and all together make some nice stories, but at the end of the day who pays the bill? And there are boards and scenarios where a leading range makes sense!! Why this? What understands very well, however, is equity. In this specific board, it is very easy to see that the defender has many 9x, and these 9x combos are a big portion of the whole range.

The aggressor on the other side, has as many 9x, however, his range is wider therefore the 9x part of his range is a smaller portion. Indeed, both ranges have 57 combos of three of a kind, however, the preflop aggressor on this board has all the broadways combos as well and now it can be of his trouble to defend them vs a donk bet on this board!!

Therefore, the defender now can be offensive. The way to construct the leading range is not unfamiliar. The polarized way it is!! BB can start by betting roughly half of the times his 9x. Check with a plan to check-call with some Ax and medium pocket pairs pp. And bet as a bluff either with small pp, which need protection or with some suited combos with overcards i. Notice, that the checking range is protected, still, BB keeps some of his 9x in it so it is not capped.

Also, notice, that nobody prohibits BB from constructing a check-raising range as well, both for value some 9x and as a bluff. And what BTN is going to do vs such a game plan? Even if he knows all of it!!? Well, BTN needs to play defense and a good one vs this strategy, even though he is the preflop aggressor and he has all the over pairs in his range. Now, having this discussed, there are other scenarios, not in the BB vs BTN one, where a donking range also makes a lot of sense. These include a donking rage on the turn, a donking range on the river, a donking range on 3bet pots, a donking range on multiway pots and others.

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The game contains a high degree of stochasticity, hidden information, and opponents that are deliberately trying to misrepresent their current state.

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Definition of rolling spot forex This means that on some board textures, the PFR will have whiffed the flop with a large proportion of his range. Published October 29, Updated June 14, Donk betting in poker means that we are taking away the betting lead of the aggressor of the previous street. In other words, they aren't going anywhere. That is why I recently wrote this free little 50 page no BS guide to teach you exactly how to start crushing these games right now. And there are boards and scenarios where a leading range makes sense!!
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For example, an aggressive player who over c-bets is still a prime candidate to hit with a check-raise on a lot of flop textures that are a good fit for your range. Since we can often anticipate the preflop raiser frequently following up their aggression with a flop c-bet, their c-betting tendencies are something to seriously consider when weighing up if there's merit to donk betting.

The following article titled ' Should You Ever Donk Bet on the Flop ', points out 4 reasons not to donk bet which are all related to c-betting. Basically, if you haven't been much of a donk bettor before, consider how the new bet style might impact different branches of the game tree specifically, check-raising and turn lead betting.

For example, if you start donk betting with a lot of strong hands and draws on the flop, you may find your check-raising or lead betting ranges become deficient in strong hands. Additionally, we also need to make use of appropriate bet sizes to get the best result. Donk bet sizing One thing we tend to notice when seeing what we can learn from GTO solvers is they frequently use a variety of bet sizes if you're unfamiliar with solvers and if you should use one, check out our GTO poker solver guide.

It will still retain most of the additional EV that can be gained by adding a donk betting strategy into your game. The EV associated with donk betting is hard to quantify and some do, in fact, argue a fairly low EV gain for what is more work away from the tables.

This opinion is mostly generated for 2 reasons; Donk betting is only used on a small percentage of flops low-connected textures as is shown in the table below. The big blind player will mostly want to check when playing the flop OOP. Donk betting is only used a small percentage of the time in NLH. Is it really worth learning a good donk betting strategy? Mostly, as we said, 4, 5, 6, and 7-high flops with connectivity are where we see a high donk betting frequency.

Some donk betting enthusiasts will find themselves sitting at the table waiting to try out their new donk betting knowledge only to wait an hour for a chance to donk bet! I would argue donk betting is an extremely useful tactic for several reasons: Playing OOP is one of the hardest parts of the game, so any additional tactic we can use to help is beneficial for more on BB play, our big blind article should be helpful.

Over a poker career, most poker hands are played heads-up in a single raised pot between the BB and IP, exactly where donk betting comes in handy. Exploitative opportunities regularly arise that you need to be ready to capitalize on with a donk bet. Studying and using a donk betting strategy helps prepare you for the times you face a donk bet yourself. Here's a related article for those who are already having trouble facing donk bets - How to Deal with Donk Bets Overall, it gives us an extra weapon to use to take down more pots.

And one that many players are still unfamiliar with. Even Reg's tend to omit donk betting as an option when doing GTO study, resulting in them having miscalculated the strategies they're implementing at the table. Finally, being donk bet aware helps you make inferences about players. Alternatively, if someone seems too precise with their donk bets and frequencies, you may in fact suspect the player is a bot!

Here are a few examples of donk betting in action so you can get a better idea of how to execute the donk bet and see the merit behind it. The above video highlights the important role flop texture plays when it comes to donk betting. PioSOLVER chooses to donk-lead on these flops at a considerable frequency, using quite a mix of hands that are centered around very strong made hands, and good draws which perform well when combined with fold equity.

In further investigations when comparing simulations that had the option to donk bet on such flops to simulations that weren't, donk betting always increased the net EV result for the OOP player, although gains mostly aren't overly substantially. This clearly highlights how favorable this option can sometimes be.

There are a few other flop types rather than just low-connected boards where we can use the donk bet. Among them are paired flops, when the paired card is a 9 or lower. Thus, incentivizing them to want to put more money in the pot and develop a leading strategy. However, this nutty portion of the BB's range will still only represent a small portion of their overall range so it should be used sparingly. Although exploitatively you could increase this as profitable situations arise. In the video below, Jungleman has aces so the pot may have ballooned anyway.

But it's interesting to see Tony G capitalize on his wild image and get a flop donk bet to pay off big time! Although do note, this hand Tony was actually in the small blind so we'd rarely want to donk in this exact instance. It's still an interesting hand though so check it out! For most, the difficult part when it comes to implementing a donk betting strategy is using the right frequencies.

Some players correctly identify the flop types, but donk bet on these textures every time. As we pointed out, like many good poker strategies, using a mixed strategy approach will help you avoid being predictable and make you more difficult to play against. The next part will look at more flop textures where we can donk bet, the best frequencies to aim for, as well the types of hands to use.

Some of which might surprise you! So be sure to check back for that. These days, sure, it could be a recreational player messing around, but it could also be a pro implementing a very effective strategy. GTO solvers demonstrate that donk betting can improve the overall performance of our game, or EV, at the tables. Additionally, it also opens up excellent exploitative opportunities when you know your opponent and can correctly anticipate them behaving in a certain way when facing a donk bet.

That is, the ability to both utilize this important skill, defend against it, and make inferences about players when you see them using it. It mostly comes into play on specific low-connected boards. Especially over the long-run, donk betting can improve your win-rate. Thanks again for reading our Pokernerve blog. Stay tuned as we look forward to bringing you part 2 of this article series soon.

A must-read for any avid donk better! See you again then and good luck on the felt, well, virtual felt for most of us given the current times! Speaking of which, be sure to check out GGN poker if you haven't already, currently the best online poker site with a whole host of tournaments and cash games to suit any poker fan.

Stay safe team! So a bet is a function of leveraging informational advantage: what cards you have in your hand, and what other information you have. The goal of a bet is to realize your equity, and to prevent your opponent from realizing his equity. Why should we donk bet?

And if that is the case, and at the same time your range connects okay or very strongly, then you are supposed to do a lot of betting yourself. Doing so allows us to deny equity realization for the in-position player. So, if we do the betting, we force the other player to either put in some money with these marginal hands, fold out some equity, or basically deny equity realization. Donk betting allows us to bluff cheap. A donk bet range should often be part of the strategy when range versus range interaction with the board favors the out of position caller of the previous street.

So whenever you are the caller of the previous street, and the next card comes and this card is good for your range, you are often supposed to do a lot of betting, being first to act on the next street. That is why we are suddenly supposed to do quite a bit of betting. Most poker hands will be played in a heads-up single-raised pot between the big blind and an in position player, therefore playing this spot well is crucial for your poker success.

Made Hands High lead frequency with nut straight, 2nd nut straight needs backup. When you think about made hands, the first hands here are straights of course. Straights are being a high frequency lead when we have the nut straight, and with the second nut straight we need some backup because if we get called, we want to be able to bet as many turns and rivers as possible.

Sets and 2 pairs are also a high frequency lead here, and especially if they have additional equity and backup. Again, if you want to bet, or if you want to lead with made hands, you want to be able to bet as many turns and rivers as possible also, and therefore you need often backup. You could also check, and every now and then go for a check-raise.

Backdoor nuttiness is often needed.

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The Donk Bet: When and How to Use a Donk Bet in NLH Poker (Donk Betting Strategy P1)

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