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Although cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are increasingly being used, there has been a disjointed overall effort, which may have resulted. Cryptocurrency Adoption Accelerates within the Adult Industry. Cryptocurrency payment solutions are increasing in popularity among online retailers. The merger of sexual wellness products and blockchain will likely build a symbiotic relationship, allowing both adult entertainment and SexTech. FRENCH OPEN TENNIS ODDS

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With stricter rules from payment processors and the recent issues with OnlyFans, "it's obvious crypto will be the solution," said British performer Adreena Winters, who is also a brand ambassador for an upcoming crypto-friendly adult content marketplace.

Dominic Ford, founder of JustFor. Fans, an OnlyFans rival which accepts bitcoin, said crypto represents just a small fraction of transactions on his platform because it is more cumbersome, but suggested this could ramp up quickly if popular money transfer tools adapt. Story continues CumRocket, a startup which created a digital coin called Cummies for adult content, announced in recent days it was accelerating work on its own content platform. PornHub has been accepting cryptocurrency for its premium service "to keep current with our community's privacy and payment preferences.

And this month, US lawmakers demanded an investigation into alleged child pornography on OnlyFans. Ford said congressional passage of the FOSTA-SESTA law in created pressure on the adult content industry by holding online services liable for illegal content such as child exploitation or sex trafficking.

The folks behind VIT claim that these tokens are a step up from traditional metrics used to measure viewer engagement in that they also record metrics from other silos, such as social media interactions, comments and likes. Instead of relying on third parties for this data, adult film producers can use token data to find out more about viewer preferences and tailor future content accordingly. It will also provide content producers with another stream of revenue in the form of viewer engagement data that can be resold to other parties, such as advertisers interested in such information.

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