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chinese icos cryptocurrency

An initial coin offering (ICO) or initial currency offering is a type of funding using cryptocurrencies. banned altogether in some jurisdictions, such as China and South Korea. Check out our list of some of the top blockchain/ICO China influencers in our blog! These KOLs wield tremendous influence on China's crypto market! Trading Bitcoin and other crypto-currenices is a criminal activity, China's central bank says. FRENCH OPEN TENNIS ODDS

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Chinese icos cryptocurrency 0.00000086 btc

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According to some Chinese state-owned news outlets, this was a "consumer protection" action. Several state-owned Chinese media reported that the craze for ICOs is out of control, citing middle-income older women, in particular, were being fooled into investing their life savings.

No one really knows how big this community is, but the sums invested in ICOs are certainly not negligible. Just because the Chinese government issued a ban on ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges within its borders, it does not mean that it can control what happens after. Cryptocurrency trading and investing in China got harder, but not impossible.

None of the exchanges actually ceased business; they simply moved their servers abroad. In fact, from a regulatory perspective, the ban just made things worse. The cryptocurrency world is decentralized which means that whoever wants to trade cryptocurrency will find a way around the Chinese ban. Moreover, this is already happening as the majority of trades are currently being processed through over-the-counter markets such as LocalBitcoins. The investors and traders simply moved their operation offshore or underground with incognito meetups in person.

Over 3, merchants have begun accepting digital yuan, including Starbucks and Alibaba. Public sector employees have begun receiving payments or subsidies as digital yuan. Photo courtesy of China Briefing This all begs a simple question: is the digital yuan an exact clone of Bitcoin? Or something else? What makes the digital yuan different from Bitcoin?

A lot. With the digital yuan, however, nothing will be anonymous. He she? Quite the opposite, in fact. So unlike Bitcoin, the digital yuan will always have a stable, real-world value. Rather humbly, it sees the digital yuan as a way to support them. Better to integrate for now, and perhaps take a larger market share later through competition or legislation. How will the digital yuan affect crypto values?

The U. The proven vulnerability of cryptocurrency exchanges. Losing or locking yourself out of your crypto wallet. The number of countries banning Bitcoin outpacing the number of countries accepting it. In short, the digital yuan may not be the biggest immediate threat to your crypto investment, but there are plenty of other wolves circling.

The global rollout of the digital yuan might inspire other nations to crack down on Bitcoin and release their replacements as well. The only certainty is that the rise of the digital yuan has sent a clear and powerful message to the economies of the world: crypto, in some form, is here to stay.

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chinese icos cryptocurrency


There is the possibility of scams, but in recent times, it is cybersecurity issues which have caused the most heartache for would-be investors attending ICOs. If this is not completed, Chinese law enforcement will investigate and if necessary, prosecute. This should not prevent Chinese investors from being able to join in ICOs, but they must be willing to use overseas platforms -- and China-based ICOs will no longer exist unless the new laws are relaxed in the future.

However, the ruling will likely stop the recent uptick in Chinese ICO activity. China is not the first country to view ICOs with trepidation. The US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is currently debating whether token sales should be bound by federal securities laws, as coins may represent company shares or voting rights. China shut down local exchanges and banned initial coin offerings in , but this year, there have been renewed fears of a harsher crackdown from authorities. Bitcoin's price has been impacted by recent comments from industry bodies and regulators regarding cryptocurrency in China.

In this article BTC. On Friday, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said it is necessary to "crack down on Bitcoin mining and trading behavior" to prevent risks to the "social field. The vice premier's latest comments have sparked fears of an intensified crackdown.

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